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 AS MEDIA 2730 – Foundation Production – Magazine Design




1. The Grid:

It is unconventional as the main picture is slightly moved from the centre to the right. There is not a lot of white space left as the editors are trying to use up as much space as they want to put different sorts of supporting images and promotions. It is conventional in the way that most of the information is emphasised on the left side of the cover as most of the magazine do.

 2. Magazine name or ‘masthead’: The masthead on this rock magazine is conventional as it is placed on the top of the cover and is written in a big font. Also, it is written in the gothic style which looks like a broken glass. The word “Kerrang” doesn’t have any particular meaning but it represents the sound of the guitar which is complementary with the rock style magazine.

3. Main image: This is a rock magazine and rock is about breaking the rules. It is why main image is a bit rude, provocative and vulgar. The point that they put this picture like a main one shows that this magazine isn’t for little girls and boys it is more for adult. She don’t have smile on her face, because she is not trying to be nice, pretty girl.

4. Font style [typography]: There are few different font styles. Half of main news they wrote in the big bold letters which make us pick this magazine. There is written PARAMORE. We all know this band and this news make us interested.

Other words are written in orange colour which goes with colour of her hair.

There is just one line which is written in unconventional style, it is a bit rotated and theme font is much different and its makes this magazine different.

 5. Text line up: There is not a lot of white space left because magazine makers wanted to fit in there as much information as possible. However it is easy to read.

6. Thumbnails: This is chip, weekly magazine and they are trying to use as much space as possible to provide as much information as they can by using thumbnails.

7. Text features: The ‘hook’ on this cover page is the band’s name ‘PARAMOUR’. It is a very popular rock music band so it will attract lots of readers. The second largest feature offering free poster and it is written in big font, so that it attract the readers’ eyes and makes then buy the magazine. Other than that there are features about other music bands.

 8.Feature bars: There are feature bars on the top and on the bottom of the page. The magazine editors are trying to use as much space as it’s possible because the magazine is cheap and it is weekly, so they have to sell as many magazines and as fast as they can.

9. Promotions: This is a weekly magazine, so it has to be sold quickly. To attract more readers, there is a free poster promotion.

10. Colour and font palettes:

 The contrasting colour scheme creates the energy of the rock music and grabs attention of the readers. In the palette there are mostly black, red and orange colours what makes it look dangerous and aggressive. It is conventional for rock magazines.  Also colours are similar to colour of hair on the main picture. Almost all text is written in one style which makes it easy to read.

There is one promotion written in the box which stands out.

11. 3-5mm no text areaAlmost all the text in this magazine looks squeezed in because they are trying to fit as much information as they can and to create the conventional look for magazine of this type of genre.

12. Barcode:

Barcode is placed in usual place. It is in the right bottom.

13. Target audience:

First of all main picture is rude and aggressive that’s mean that this magazine is not made for young teenagers. Also the tone and register which they used there was not meant for them. Their target audience is people from 16/17 till 25 (when people already are mature but don’t have a lot of money to spend) However that doesn’t mean that some 12/13/14 year old teenagers can’t buy it.

 14. Overall cover ‘theme’: Because of the picture and colours which they used it looks aggressive dangerous and exciting! Also