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AS Media CW Brief

AS G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media


  1. 1.   In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of other school magazines?
  • Why those colours?

I decided to use colourful palette, because one of the main themes of this magazine is art. By using all the paint on the background of my cover I am trying to remind readers of RULEBREAKER about this theme.

Red colour represents anger and passion. My target audience have passion to art and/or music. They are angry because they are at the new place, their homes are far away and they have new rules, which do not have any sense. It is why I thought that red colour would attract my target audience… it will be close to them.

Yellow represents something different, alternative, because it is very bright and nice. It brings feeling of something good.

Finally, blue, which is mine main colour, I put there because it is very bright and it will attract people and will make them pick up this magazine.

  • Why those photos?

First of all, all the photos I decided to make Out Of Bounds area, to bring a bit rule breaking into mine magazine and put readers into the right atmosphere.

There is just one picture on the cover and one on the contents page. Those pictures are photos of Tasia, new girl in our school. I choose her as a model because my main topic is about her and her ambitions. She is wearing some kind of rock style clothes, because my magazine has its music style, which is alternative rock. Also leather jacket shows her as a person who wants to take a risk, who is not afraid of anything. Mostly it is because we used to see all these bikers in leather jackets. They are doing whatever they want and now leather clothes, for most of us, associates with people like bikers. On the both pictures Tasia’s hands are in paint. I wanted to be them like that, because I wanted to show her creativeness and art side of the magazine. Also there is an expression in English ‘’SHE GOT BLOOD ON HER HANDS’’. In Tasia’s case it is paint on her hands, which shows her as a person who broke a rule by painting on the walls.

On the cover photo she looks confident and mysterious. I think it will attract students to mine magazine, because they will be interested to know more about new girl in the school.

Photo, which is on the contents page, will show other side of Tasia. It will show her as a fun, interesting and possibly weird person.

  • Why those headlines/ articles?

I think all of these topics will be interesting for my target audience and they are fitting magazine style.

Masthead of this magazine is RULEBREAKER, it was very important to write something on this theme to give a reason for me choosing that masthead. It is why I decided to put article HOW TO BREAK RULES AND NOT BE PUNISHED as a headline of the magazine. I think this topic will be very interesting for my TA and also new pupils in school.

Main headline is about Tasia, new girl in Wycliffe. I made it main because it will give chance to attract more readers, not just my target audience. It should work, because everyone will be interested in knowing something about new student.

Also my target audience is creative, alternative people. It is why it will be interesting for them to know more about making presents by themselves.

  • Why that layout?

I was trying to mix alternative and conventional styles. It will show that my magazine is alternative and it breaks all the conventional and unconventional rules. My magazine has its own style.

It is why most of the headlines on the cover are rotated, but masthead and main headline are laid out conventionally. I decided to make them in conventional style, because it will make it easier to read and potential buyers will read that in the first place. To support alternative rock style of the magazine I made the masthead a bit cracked. With this special effect masthead associates with broken glass and loud music.

In contents page only word CONTENTS is a bit rotated and everything else is lined up very conventionally and neatly. I did  it because I wanted remained my readers that RULEBREAKER is still school magazine.

  • What the tone/register?

The magazine’s tone is not very serious, mostly because it is entertaining magazine for teenagers.  This magazine is all about different ways having fun in Stonehouse area, art and alternative way of life.

The register of mine magazine is orientated on Senior School Pupils. So, I decided to use casual language. I wanted my magazine to communicate with students it is why it is very easy and interesting to read. Despite the fact that my magazine called RULEBREAKER you won’t find any swearing in it, because it is still school magazine.

  • Did you subvert the codes of conventions?

I think I subvert some codes and conventions.
First of all I rotated just few of the headlines, by this step making them look unconventionally. However I left main headline and masthead lined up straight. I did in in order to reach my goals, to make alternative, school magazine.

  1. 2.   How does your media product represent particular social groups? 
  • How has your magazine ‘re-presented’ your TA, and the social groups in your magazine

My magazine represents the creative part of male and female six-formers of Wycliffe College. They are active, hard-working and very creative. However, their creativeness and differentness gives them few problems. For instance, most part of students like they wants to stay different from others, they wants to stay out from the crowd and it is very difficult thing to do in Wycliffe. Some topics from my magazine will help them to deal with that and explain them how to break few uniform rules. Target audience of my magazine chooses RULEBREAKER because they want to find out more about school life and art, they want to take part in different competitions, and just have a good, relaxing time by reading it. All pupils have opportunity to be in this magazine, because each month we are taking interviews with students, who have proven that their creativity is up to an outstanding level.

  • How have you tried to illustrate this? – Tone/register, photography styles, mise-en-scene and costume/style choices?

My model is wearing rock style of clothes and her hands are in the paint. It shows few main themes of my magazine and also I hoped that my TA would recognize themselves while looking at Tasia. It will make readers closer to this magazine. Style of her clothes will explain that my magazine is NOT about boring academic things. It is more about school live and audience hobbies.

Mise-en-scene of my magazine goes very good with magazine masthead, because picture is taken out of bounds, place where students are not allowed to go. It should illustrate some interests of my TA.

  • Have you purposely tried to show your TA or chosen group in a particular way? How and why?

I was trying to show my target audience as free spirit, creative people. Also I wanted my TA to be defined as easy and clearly as possible. Even my masthead is RULEBREAKER saying a lot about my target audience. It explaining that readers of this magazine don’t like rule dictating and like freedom.

  1. 3.   Who would be the audience for your media product?
  •   Describe your target audience: age, gender, aspirations, hobbies, interests, fashion, shopping habits, technology usage, reading interest, TV/internet/music habits, social activities etc. and relate this to how you designs your magazine

Target audience of my magazine are six-form students, which are interested in art, music, fashion, gossips and alternative rock. For people, which are free spirit and creative. In Wycliffe most part of students will be under this category. My magazine will be for both, male and female. I will try to make it suitable and interesting at an equal basis for both genders, male and female. However, some themes like fashion could make it girlier. It is why I will try to make fashion column funnier. It could help me to leave this magazine equal to both genders.

Most part of students here are artists, whose will be interested in magazine, which could offer interesting stories and topics about art and music. Moreover, all artists have their own opinion and they don’t like rule dictating. It is why masthead of mine magazine is RULEBREAKER and we have topics like HOW TO BREAK RULES.

People from my TA are not very big fans of movies and reading, simply because of lack of time, which they have. They prefer to spend their time with their friends talking and having fun. It is why they will be interested in my magazine. It will help them to meet new people, open new opportunities and horizons.

Target audience of my magazine like rock style of music and clothes.

  1. 4.   How did you attract/address your audience? 
  • Does your magazine attract the correct target audience… describe and discuss how and why it does attract or, of course does not! [styling, font/colour choices, tone/register, photography styles, features, promotions etc]

I think that my magazine attract correct audience, because of all unconventional steps I used in cover and contents pages. Also the name of my magazine is clearly explaining that you want find there information about academic side of Wycliffe.

I used very simple, straight font in both cover and contents pages. It could be confusing, because my magazine supposed to be very creative. However, I wanted people to read it easily, it is why I decide to use it.

Moreover, while in cover I have quite clearly showed unconventional style, on my contents page all text is laid out accurately and straight.

By that I was trying to remained readers that it is still school magazine, but it may look a bit boring for my TA.

I used a lot of blue colour in my magazine, because it looks alternative and colourful. Also this colour is very attractive for both genders.

Red represents passion. I used it, because I wanted to remained my TA about their passion to their hobbies etc. art, music, drama or gossips.

Tone and register of RULEBREAKER is absolutely perfect for my TA. There is a feeling of communicating between reader and magazine.


  1. 5.   What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 
  • How have you utilised the DTP, graphic applications, cameras and the web to progress through this project.

I didn’t have my own camera, it is why I had to borrow one from my friend. For producing cover of my magazine I used Photoshop. To be honest I never used this program before, because I didn’t like the idea of changing photos and making yourself more perfect. It is why it was quite hard for me to remember all the tools, which I have to use.

I made my model look fresh and neat. After Photoshop this started to look as a professional one.


I also never come over InDesign, which I used for making my contents page. InDesign is good program for working with text. However, it was also quite hard to remember all the uses of different tools.

It was very hard for me to decide on the design of my contents. I had about 6 different variations of that. Because of that now I am absolutely sure were to press for rotating pictures or changing colours.


The final step of each task was putting it on wordpress.comand introducing my work to the entire world.


  • What aspects of these technologies were useful or hindered your progress… how and why?

I think that all these technologies were very useful for me while I was producing school magazine. It is possible that when I will become better in photoshoping, I might use it even in real life. However now even simple clone tool takes a lot of time for me, because I am trying to do it ideally.

In my work I used a lot of clone tool and spot healing brush tool, for making model’s face look very bright, fresh and neat.

contents page

It was quite hard for me to make this contents page, because I couldn’t decide on design. Finally! I finished!

Cover for school magazine RULEBREAKER

This is my finished cover for school magazine RULEBREAKER



 1. Composition

 This contents page is conventional simple and accurate. Absolutely conventional grid and neat, strictly laid text, without any rotations and special effects, makes this magazine looks mature and expensive. Text lay out from both sides around main picture, which takes place in the centre. There are no any supporting pictures to the news, because of the style of this magazine. Main picture is very strict, simple and its shows target audience of this magazine. This picture represents style and class of this magazine and helps it not to looks boring.

 2. Photography

 The main image is a picture of woman`s shadow. This woman looks sad and shy. It makes you feel sad for her. It is very hard to see, but she turned her face from the camera, what makes us feel that she is shamed of something. Position in which she stands is saying that she is weak and unprotected. Picture is black and white and it gives us right mood of this picture. Also in the middle background is lighter and it makes her to stand out from the picture. This makes us focused on her. For the same reason this contents page doesn’t have any supporting images.

 3. Graphics

On this contents page there are no any supporting graphics, icons, logos and illustrations. It is mainly because of overall style of magazine. It should remain expensive and simple. Also it could be partly because of main picture of this magazine. Not to take readers focus from it.

 4. Text features

Main page headline is named CONTENTS which is not very originally however it goes with main style of this magazine, simple and accurate. It is written with light, soft pink colour which looks very good on black. Also I think that this pink can tell something about this woman. It can tell us about her unprotecting and softness. It is very female colour. The font was chosen very simple and this fact helps us to read easier.

 All the main writing remains pink and extra writing is in white which also looks very good with black background. The entire font is similar which makes it looks simple and clear.

 Content is split into different sections what helps us to find information or news which we are looking for or in which we are interested in. There are three different section: Features, PDN 30`s and Create.

5. Overall theme

Overall theme is simple and strict. It doesn’t looks very exiting but it makes us think about more mature things. I think that it is also main mission of the magazine. Deign and style of this magazine also helps with understanding what this magazine is about.

Colour palette of this contents page is black, grey white and pink. These colours give us right mood and tell us a lot about main picture and main theme of the magazine.

 This magazines target audience is mature people with clear understanding of life.


AS Media CW Brief


1. What elements of ‘School’ will your magazine focus on?

In my magazine there will be few main themes. It is school gossips, art, problems in Wycliffe College, fashion and music.

 2. What is the target audience?

Target audience for my magazine will be Wycliffe six-formers. It will be for both male and female. However percentage of female readers expected to be higher, because of few usual themes like fashion(M/F= 60/40) This magazine will be for creative, free spirit people, for people who are not fine with school’s rules and rules dictating. For students which wants to push the boundaries.

 3. Examples of content

There will be few main topics like Art, Fashion and gossips. There is examples of    content:

-Laura`s story. Mr Russell and Miss Leach have been caught.

-Best pranks stories.

-Tips. How to break the rules and not be punished?

-How soon?! Stonehouse VS. Wycliffe.

-Interview with Tasia. “I am going to rock this school!”

-Top 20 Hot songs.

-Wycliffe Art competition. Win £30 costa voucher!

-Wycliffe Fashion 2013.

This magazine will offer variety of competitions, because we need to make teenagers to be more interested in school life. Also promotions will help our magazine to get people attention and will make them to buy our magazine.

 4. What do you want the magazine to offer the reader?

This magazine will offer to readers some exciting time spending. Variety of stories and rumours, different competitions and big prizes to win. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Life experience of old students and tips which will help you to survive in our school!

 5. What is the editorial style of your magazine?

Tone and register of my magazine will be for young teenagers, so there will be used slang. However because of the fact that it is school magazine there won’t be use swearing. Also in this magazine I won`t use any complicated, long words. I want my magazine to communicate with readers.

 6. Ideas for style of your photography and overall graphic/compositional design [locations, props, representation of student[s] – why?

I want to put on my cover very colourful picture. It will represent art side of my magazine and its alternative style. Also, to show magazine style I wanted to take my picture out of bounds. It will represent few main topics of this magazine and will interest the readers.

 7. Give some example names for your Magazine

RuleBreaker. TroubleMaker