AS Media CW Brief


1. What elements of ‘School’ will your magazine focus on?

In my magazine there will be few main themes. It is school gossips, art, problems in Wycliffe College, fashion and music.

 2. What is the target audience?

Target audience for my magazine will be Wycliffe six-formers. It will be for both male and female. However percentage of female readers expected to be higher, because of few usual themes like fashion(M/F= 60/40) This magazine will be for creative, free spirit people, for people who are not fine with school’s rules and rules dictating. For students which wants to push the boundaries.

 3. Examples of content

There will be few main topics like Art, Fashion and gossips. There is examples of    content:

-Laura`s story. Mr Russell and Miss Leach have been caught.

-Best pranks stories.

-Tips. How to break the rules and not be punished?

-How soon?! Stonehouse VS. Wycliffe.

-Interview with Tasia. “I am going to rock this school!”

-Top 20 Hot songs.

-Wycliffe Art competition. Win £30 costa voucher!

-Wycliffe Fashion 2013.

This magazine will offer variety of competitions, because we need to make teenagers to be more interested in school life. Also promotions will help our magazine to get people attention and will make them to buy our magazine.

 4. What do you want the magazine to offer the reader?

This magazine will offer to readers some exciting time spending. Variety of stories and rumours, different competitions and big prizes to win. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Life experience of old students and tips which will help you to survive in our school!

 5. What is the editorial style of your magazine?

Tone and register of my magazine will be for young teenagers, so there will be used slang. However because of the fact that it is school magazine there won’t be use swearing. Also in this magazine I won`t use any complicated, long words. I want my magazine to communicate with readers.

 6. Ideas for style of your photography and overall graphic/compositional design [locations, props, representation of student[s] – why?

I want to put on my cover very colourful picture. It will represent art side of my magazine and its alternative style. Also, to show magazine style I wanted to take my picture out of bounds. It will represent few main topics of this magazine and will interest the readers.

 7. Give some example names for your Magazine

RuleBreaker. TroubleMaker

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