1. Composition

 This contents page is conventional simple and accurate. Absolutely conventional grid and neat, strictly laid text, without any rotations and special effects, makes this magazine looks mature and expensive. Text lay out from both sides around main picture, which takes place in the centre. There are no any supporting pictures to the news, because of the style of this magazine. Main picture is very strict, simple and its shows target audience of this magazine. This picture represents style and class of this magazine and helps it not to looks boring.

 2. Photography

 The main image is a picture of woman`s shadow. This woman looks sad and shy. It makes you feel sad for her. It is very hard to see, but she turned her face from the camera, what makes us feel that she is shamed of something. Position in which she stands is saying that she is weak and unprotected. Picture is black and white and it gives us right mood of this picture. Also in the middle background is lighter and it makes her to stand out from the picture. This makes us focused on her. For the same reason this contents page doesn’t have any supporting images.

 3. Graphics

On this contents page there are no any supporting graphics, icons, logos and illustrations. It is mainly because of overall style of magazine. It should remain expensive and simple. Also it could be partly because of main picture of this magazine. Not to take readers focus from it.

 4. Text features

Main page headline is named CONTENTS which is not very originally however it goes with main style of this magazine, simple and accurate. It is written with light, soft pink colour which looks very good on black. Also I think that this pink can tell something about this woman. It can tell us about her unprotecting and softness. It is very female colour. The font was chosen very simple and this fact helps us to read easier.

 All the main writing remains pink and extra writing is in white which also looks very good with black background. The entire font is similar which makes it looks simple and clear.

 Content is split into different sections what helps us to find information or news which we are looking for or in which we are interested in. There are three different section: Features, PDN 30`s and Create.

5. Overall theme

Overall theme is simple and strict. It doesn’t looks very exiting but it makes us think about more mature things. I think that it is also main mission of the magazine. Deign and style of this magazine also helps with understanding what this magazine is about.

Colour palette of this contents page is black, grey white and pink. These colours give us right mood and tell us a lot about main picture and main theme of the magazine.

 This magazines target audience is mature people with clear understanding of life.

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