1. What is the colour scheme? :

  • Is it based around a selected ‘palette’ of colours or a particular selection of tones within a colour palette?


The palette is based around orange and black colours. These colours are very strong and bright. They contrast with each other, so they stand out even more.

There is a big selection of orange tones on this cover page; brown, yellow and creamy. These colours are different and weird. Orange colour is very fresh, and reminds me of fruit.  Also orange is very bright; it will bring people’s attention to this magazine. When people look at this cover they can understand that this magazine is alternative and they won’t find there something about politics or science.

Black brought to this picture reminder of rock genre.

  • What does it suggest about the style of magazine or the theme of the issue??

I think that these colours might suggest that this magazine is very fresh and interesting. It suggests that the information, which you will find in there, will entertain you and won’t disappoint you. It will bring fresh and different view on indie style of music.


  • Does it relate to the content?

No, in the content there is nothing related to orange colour.

  • Does it relate to the main image?

On the image there is some tones of orange colour, so it is possible that by using orange colour in text they were trying to bring harmony to the picture.

2. What colours are the fonts/text? Do the colours relate to the image or content… how?

The text is in orange, white and black colour. It doesn’t relate to image or content, but it relates to the main colour scheme.

3. How many different types of font are used? Do they relate to the cover theme, content and\or image.


They used around 3 different fonts.

First font is some kind of ARTROCKER trademark, they are using this font for their masthead in every magazine and people already know it. This font looks like it was painted, that goes very good with ART piece of the magazine name. The way in which ‘E’ was written in the name of this magazine reminds about alternative style of the magazine.

Second font they used for their main headline.  It is very unusual and it makes this article stand out from others and readers firstly will read this headline, because it looks more important

4. Do they have drop shadows or are they outlined? How does this affect its visibility on the cover, does it show an order of importance?

They didn’t drop any shadows. However, some pieces of text they put into the boxes. That makes this text stand out from this picture, makes it more visible and meaningful. It shows that this text is more important than other.

5. Notice how the text and image elements are aligned… why?


Text is aligned randomly, what makes it a bit messy.  It goes very well with magazine style.

6. Notice what elements sit on top of others?

Main news about group ‘PLASTIS CINES’ sits on top of the other news, because they are connected. However, it is on top because it is more important and valid.

Text elements


 1.Where is the price, date, barcode… how big is the price text? Is the size and placement important… why?


The price, date and barcode are placed in the bottom, in the right corner. They used small letters, because in their case price can’t play role of promotion. It is monthly magazine, that’s mean that magazines price will be quit high. Also this placement leave readers concentrate on the headlines and don’t distract them from it.


2. Notice where and what style any ‘promotions’ are… e.g. free CD, or poster inside, free pull-out; are they in a separate box or section? How does this affect the order of visual importance and general layout?


Their magazine is monthly, it is already quite expensive, so TA of this magazine won’t be attracted by any kind of promotions, they don’t need free posters or CD’s. Also its makes this magazine looks more expensive. It make people believe that they will find there interesting and useful information, that will show that their articles are good enough without any promotions.


3. Notice how the content of the text features have an order of importance… what is the order and why? How have they achieved this?


When you are looking at this cover, first thing on which you will be looking is a headline ‘PLASTIS CINES’. They did it on purpose, because it is their main news. They achieved that by putting this headline into the centre of this cover, writing it in very big letters and putting it into the colourful bubble.

Second headline, on which we will be looking at, starts with word ‘EXCLUSIVE’. That’s mean that this news also is quite interesting and important. However they had to show that this article is just on second place. So they decided to use smaller letters, but also put it in the bubble next to the main news, so when people will read main headline they eyes will automatically read ‘EXCLUSIVE’



4. Is there web address or other media?… obviously placed or not … ? 


They placed their web address straight after masthead, it is placed quite obviously, so it will be very easy for readers to find it if they will be interested in their web page. On this page you can find all the information about future magazines, you can read latest music news.


1. What is the image? What is the composition of image ?


The composition of this image is unconventional. They make it looks a bit messy and random. This composition goes very good with editorial style.

On this image we can see girls band. They look alternative and interesting on this picture. I think every girl was trying to show her personality.

All of them have different positions and emotions, it might suggest what should we expect from them.

Picture itself is placed unconventional, because there is a lot of white space above girls head.

2. How is the artist/band ‘represented’ … explain?

On the picture we can see girls band. From the early beginning we can say that they are alternative, creative people. Their placement helps us to understand their nature. All of them have different personality. One, which is from the right, seems to be very crazy and open-minded. One, which sits on the middle, looks a bit frustrated and destructed.

In each girl audience can find themselves. It will attract them to this magazine. This band represented as ordinary teenagers

3. Has the image been affected in Photoshop, been cut out or with its original background? Does its post-production treatment relate to the subject, theme, content etc?

I think that the background been cut out, because in the picture there is just white background and it looks unrealistic. It doesn’t relate to any content of this magazine, but it looks alternative.



4. How does the colours in the image affect the general cover colour scheme, or has the image been manipulated to fit the colour scheme of the cover?

I think that colours on the picture made general cover scheme. Main colours on the photo are yellow, black and orange and in text they decided to use same colours. It looks very nice and fit main picture very well.

5. How many images are there? Where in layout, why? / Are there any ‘thumbnails’ [little images] … where, why, are they accompanied by a caption or feature text?

There is just one picture and no thumbnails, because this magazine is expensive and monthly, it has good reputation and it is already popular. That means that they don’t need to attract readers, because they already know this magazine and trust it. Despite the fact that this magazine is alternative and main target audience are teenagers, this magazine doesn’t need any kind of promotions or pictures, which will help them, attract readers.

Main picture is layout quite unconventionally, because of the magazine style.




1. How has the cover been composed – grid use?


Grid of this cover page looks quite unconventionally, what proves alternative style of this magazine. It looks like text was placed randomly and picture was moved from the center of the cover page. Cover was composed a bit messy and it looks very good on the cover of alternative magazine.

2. Is it a conventional grid composition or does it break convention… how and effect?

This magazines grid breaks conventions, however it remains very conventional in its genre. Everyone expect that from INDIE ROCK magazine. Rotated text and unconventionally placed photo makes it conventional alternative magazine.

Target audience

1. How has the cover appealed to its target audience?


Firs of all colours of this magazine are very bright and funky. This colours can’t appealed to elder audience. However it is perfect colour for teenagers, which are main TA of this magazine.

Also main picture of this magazine is photo of teenage girls band. That has to attract and inspire readers, because all the teenagers want to be famous and they can find themselves in this photo.

Unconventional font and rotated text, suggest that this magazine is alternative, it will also attract TA, because they will understand that all this magazine appealed to them.

2. What is the target audience – age – gender – hobbies – technology use – internet and tv use – shopping/fashion – how they experience music and music videos etc.… how do you know?

Target audience of this magazine are young adults male or female, probably between 16/19 years. On that age they want to socialize as much as possible, they are going to the parties and to the clubs. They are very creative.

Their hobbies are listening to music, fashion, urban life, festivals, parties.

Internet takes big part of their life, because there they can find everything what they need. They can follow their favourite singers or find new bands on YOUTUBE.

They favourite shops probably are TOPSHOP or RIVERISLEND, there they can find nice clothes and accessorize of their style.

Their style is very similar to rock fan style, however it will be more feminine and colourful.

They Like TV programs which they can relay on themselves. It is TV dramas like Skins or Misfits. Also they like to watch MTV, because they are interested in finding new bands and singers.

Apple production is very popular in this target audience, because it helps them communicate with things like iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, youtube and Instagram. They are downloading music straight to their IPods or IPhones. It is very easy and fast way.

3. How does the tone and register work to appeal to the target audience?
Register: Formal, informal, casual, street, slang use, urban, serious, funny, sensational, sarcastic, sophisticated etc?
Tone: contents? About what sort of things?

The register of this magazine has to be casual, urban with some slang. It won’t be serious, because in this type of magazine they won’t talk about series things. It could be funny or even sarcastic. That will help magazine to communicate with TA.

Tone could be quite mature. They can talk about things like sex and drugs. Music probably stays like a main theme.

4. Are there any ‘incentives to buy’ that are trying to attract a particular audience or new readers… how, why?

I think that there are not any. However colour of this magazine might attract some people and can even make them to buy this magazine.


1. Who makes the magazine? [google/Wikipedia]

Main Editor of this magazine is Tom Artrocker. His company called Artrocker Magazine Limited.

2. What other publications do the company have?

No other publications.

2. What other media products?

There is Artrocker TV and radiostation.


4. Is there any synergy with other media? i.e. is there an associated TV or radio station?

Yes, they have ARROCKER TV. It is available in the Internet on their webpage. There you will find exclusive video interviews and features.

Also they have its own Radio Station, what is very useful for indie fans.

5. Do they sponsor or support and festivals, events or initiatives?

Artrocker magazine has its own Artrocker Awards. Closest one is 7th of December 2012. All the fans have to vote online before this date. They have more than 50 bands and just 13 awards.

6. What does the magazine website offer?

Magazine website offers everything from news to its own TV. There are all the contacts and blogs. You can find there different games, fashion column and a lot of videos. You can listen to Artrocker radio or just find some nice music.




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