1.   What is the colour scheme? :

  • Is it based around a selected ‘palette’ of colours or a particular selection of tones within a colour palette?

Palette of this magazine is based around 3 different colours. It is red, white and black.

This colours looks god and contrast with each other.

  • What does it suggest about the style of magazine or the theme of the issue??

Red colour might suggest something about blood, passion and anger. This colour is very bright, what makes this magazine stand out.

Also they decided to use as fewer colours as possible what might suggest that this magazine is quite mature.

Black colour might stand for the death and tragedy; it makes this magazine darker and brings feeling of fear.

I like how white colour plays with red and black. White brought harmony into this magazine. It made red and black less aggressive and made it look more expensive and nice.

All that suggests that this magazine is for elder people, because it looks minimalistic and expensive. It might suggest that in this magazine they can touch themes like death and sex.

  • Does it relate to the content?

It does. Their headline is ‘BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD’. It is written in red colour, what suggests blood, a lot of black colour around stands for word DEAD I think.

  • Does it relate to the main image?

I think these colours relate to the main image, because the girl on the photo looks quite aggressive and evil. It is why black and red perfectly fit into this cover page.

2.   What colours are the fonts/text? Do the colours relate to the image or content… how?

Only headline of this magazine is written in red. I think that this colour perfectly fit main theme of these cover, which is DEATH. Red stands for anger, blood and passion, which indie fans have for music. It will attract people. Also red perfectly goes with emotions on the model’s face. She looks aggressive and sexy, like this colour.

Information about this magazine is written in white. It makes it almost invisible. I think they made it like that, because they didn’t want to destruct audience from the main picture.

Also, they masthead also is written in white, I think they did it like that, because they wanted to bring some harmony and light into this cover. It looks brighter and mature like that.

3.   How many different types of font are used? Do they relate to the cover theme, content and\or image?

I can see there two different types of font. One is for their masthead. It is very minimalistic like this magazine.

Second font looks like it was written by hand. Also it looks a bit like it is blood. It perfectly fit the content of this magazine. This font makes this magazine more alternative, how it should be, because of indie genre.


4.   Do they have drop shadows or are they outlined? How does this affect its visibility on the cover, does it show an order of importance?

In this cover they didn’t drop any shadows and they didn’t outlined anything. However we still can see everything very well. Without any dropped shadows this magazine looks more luxurious and neat.


5.   Notice how the text and image elements are aligned… why?

Image is aligned very conventionally and it looks quite weird on the alternative magazine.

However, text is placed perfectly and it plays role of reminder of magazine style. It is a bit rotated and goes into photo.
This cover page is very minimalistic, because they have just one headline and that’s all.


6.   Notice what elements sit on top of others?

There are not a lot of elements, however the only existed headline sit on top of the main picture. I think editors made it like that, because they wanted to show that it is connected.

Text elements

1.   Where is the price, date, barcode… how big is the price text? Is the size and placement important… why?

Price, date and barcode are placed in the left, bottom corner of the magazine. They use tiny shrift for that, probably because they didn’t want people to be destructed from the cover.


2.   Notice where and what style any ‘promotions’ are… e.g. free CD, or poster inside, free pull-out; are they in a separate box or section? How does this affect the order of visual importance and general layout?

There are no any promotions because of the target audience of this magazine. They don’t need it because they are buying this magazine not because of free promotions, but because of the information, which has this magazine, and buy putting some kind of promotions they will go into different TA.


3.   Notice how the content of the text features have an order of importance… what is the order and why? How have they achieved this?

On this cover there is just one headline and this article is most important, because this is minimalistic style and they are putting on the cover just most important things.

It is very unconventional for alternative magazine, because they are not trying to attract audience by promotions or interesting, distractive headlines.

4.   Is there web address or other media?… obviously placed or not … ?

Their web address is not placed obvious. I was trying to find it for a quite long time. They placed it on the bottom, left corner. That means that they are not trying to make people go to that website, however, if they will be interested they always can visit it.


  1. What is the image? What is the composition of image?

On the image we can see a model, which looks angry and mysterious. She has white skin, black hair and red lips. This goes very well with the main colour palette of this cover. She is placed in the center of the magazine’s cover page, which looks wrong, and unconventional for alternative magazine.

We can see just her face and scarf, which she is wearing, This scarf might suggest that she is from US, or that she likes indie style, because all this things with flags looks very alternative and cute.


2.   How is the artist/band ‘represented’ … explain?

This model is about 18 years old.

She is represented like a tuff, strong person. She looks quite angry and interesting. She looks a bit antisocial and she makes an eye contact with readers, that make us feel that we are in some kind of relationships with her and with this magazine.

Scarf, which she is wearing suggest something about her style. She likes indie rock style and music. She likes street fashion.

3.   Has the image been affected in Photoshop, been cut out or with its original background? Does its post-production treatment relate to the subject, theme, content etc?

I think that this picture was made in studio and it wasn’t cut out. I think they used Photoshop on this picture just to make skin looks neat and fresh and improving lightening.


4.   How does the colours in the image affect the general cover colour scheme, or has the image been manipulated to fit the colour scheme of the cover?

I think that this image perfectly fit colour scheme of this cover. I am not sure did main image affect the general colour scheme or has the image been manipulated, because the colours of text perfectly looks with model lips and fit the content of the headline.

Possibly it is just good work of editors.


5.   How many images are there? Where in layout, why?

There is just one main picture. This picture is placed in the very centre of this magazine what makes it looks nice, neat and conventional.

It is very unusual for this magazine style, because usually it is messy and looks cheaper, because their TA is younger.


6.   Are there any ‘thumbnails’ [little images] … where, why, are they accompanied by a caption or feature text

There are no any thumbnails, because this magazine has different TA, they don’t need it. Also if this magazine will have thumbnails it will look cheaper and will change luxurious of this magazine.



1.   How has the cover been composed – grid use?

They used conventional grid. Picture is placed in the center and everything looks nice and neat. It is very interesting how did they break all the conventions of alternative, indie magazine. They made tis magazine to minimalistic and conventional for usual Indie magazine.


2.   Is it a conventional grid composition or does it break convention… how and effect?

This grid composition breaks all conventions by being to conventional for alternative magazine.

It looks wrong and different. This makes it even more interesting and mysterious, even more unconventional.

Target audience

1.   How has the cover appealed to its target audience?

When my TA is looking on this cover, they imagine themselves on it. They are starting to think about history of this picture. They are thinking why this model is so angry? Why it is looking at them?
They like just look at this picture, because it is beautiful. They like how this model looks on this photo.


2.   What is the target audience – age – gender – hobbies – technology use – internet and tv use – shopping/fashion – how they experience music and music videos etc.… how do you know?

Target audience of this magazine is mainly females between 17 and 25. There is percentage of male readers, however it will be much smaller, because of the fashion part of magazine.

They are likely to be sociable, however they like to be a bit mysterious. They are users websites such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE and YOUTUBE.

They are using it to communicate with their friends, follow artists and bands which they are fans of. They are using YOUTUBE to find new artists or bands and watching their favourite videos.

They like indie fashion, however they are more mature then young indie fans, that’s mean that they will wear tasteful clothes with reminder of indie style. Usually they are buying their clothes in shops such as ZARA or TOPSHOP. It is not very expensive, but very nice and fashionable.

They are using all kind of Apple production, because it is very popular and easy to use. Also they like to use it because Apple production making their communication with friends cheaper and easier. They can use there programs like WhatsApp or iMessage.

Usually they are listening to music on their iPods or iPhones and downloading it through AppStore.


3.   How does the tone and register work to appeal to the target audience?
Register: Formal, informal, casual, street, slang use, urban, serious, funny, sensational, sarcastic, sophisticated etc?
Tone: contents? About what sort of things?

The register they are using in this magazine is urban, casual language with sleng used, The reason for that is very simple; by using this type of language reads will feel themselves very comfortable. They will understand magazine perfectly, and there will be feeling of communication.

Tone of this magazine will be mature. It will be possible in this magazine to talk about any kind of things.
However main themes will be fashion, music and probably relationships.


4.   Are there any ‘incentives to buy’ that are trying to attract a particular audience or new readers… how, why?

No, there are no. I think it is probably because of the main magazine purpose and style of this magazine.




1.   Who makes the magazine? [Google/Wikipedia]

Plastic media is a fashion/music/lifestyle publishing house and event agency founded in 2003 by Kira Stachowitsch and Clemens Steinmueller.


2.   What other publications do the company have?

Their internationally renowned magazines INDIE, INDIE English Edition and material girl are distributed worldwide and available at the best newsagents and most important national and international chain stores.


3.   What other media products?

Additionally plastic media creates and produces magazines, lookbooks and catalogues for various clients, from international brands/companies to independent designers.


4.   Is there any synergy with other media? i.e. is there an associated TV or radio station?

No. there are not.


5.   Do they sponsor or support and festivals, events or initiatives?

I don’t think that they do.


6.   What does the magazine website offer?

Magazine website offer contact information, links to corporate publishing and links to their blogs. You can find a lot of interesting and useful information.


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