1. Composition

  • How is the page laid out: conventional grid, alternative grid etc what effect does it have- why?

I think that this contents page is laid out quite conventional. One neat, clean text column makes this magazine look expensive and mature.

The word ‘contents’ is divided into 3 parts, it makes this contents page more alternative and unconventional. However it just makes this magazine look less boring, more creative and arty.

I think they decided to make this contents like that, because they wanted to attract specific target audience, which I think is mature, creative people.

  • How are the text columns laid out?

There is just one text column on this content and it looks very conventional. This column makes this magazine looks more expensive and mature.
For better understanding of composition there are used subheads, which are Fashion and Features. Every article has short description of what is it about. It will help readers to find most interesting and relative articles for them.

  • How are the supporting images laid out – within the text columns, rotated, conventional etc?

There are no any supportive images in this contents page, because of the theme and style of this magazine. They don’t want to spoil it with useless pictures.

Also TA of this magazine more likely to read features, supporting images won’t attract them.

2. Photography

  • Is there a main contents page image: of what, why?

Main image of this contents page is a photo of the man. He looks very serious/sad, a bit aggressive, and mysterious, it makes him look sexy.

There is a woman hand, which is holding a heart. This heart is only colour piece on this photograph. It makes man’s emotions very understandable. He looks upset, like after break up. This woman broke his hart and made his world colourless. I think it is why they made this colour in black and white.

I think that this picture will be close to the target audience of this magazine, because almost every person felt something like that. Also this picture looks very fashionable and interesting. Readers can see on this picture both creativity and fashion.

  • Are there supporting images? : For which articles and why?

There are no any supporting images, because this magazine had to be mature and luxury.

With supportive pictures magazine becoming messy, cheap and usually looks desperate in trying to attract readers.

  • What is the style of the photography? Effects, black and white etc?

This picture obviously was changed. In Photoshop they made it grey and left just one piece in its natural colour. This piece is heart.

In certain places I can see that they decreased some shadows, its made this photo looks more studio-like. They made man’s skin looks very fresh and I think they get rid of any spots or wrinkles. They made this picture very fashionable and interesting for both, male and female. They will be attracted to this image, but because of different reasons.

3. Graphics

  • Are there any supporting graphics – icons, logos, illustrations? Why, where?

There is a logo of this magazine on the background. It is a grey ‘V’ letter. This letter is the name of the magazine. I think it reminds us about the magazine name, it is their trademark. I was looking on the other contents pages of this magazine and I realized that all of them have this letter on it. It could be showed obviously or it could be hidden.

It looks very modern and fashionable.

4. Text features

  • Is there a main page headline?

Yes, there are headline, because style of this magazine is conventional and headline of the page will help readers to understand purpose of this page. In this magazine there is a headline and its called ‘CONTENTS’. However, despite the fact that this magazine is trying to be conventional in some ways, they wrote ‘CONTENTS’ in quite alternative way. They divided this word in tree independent parts. This looks quite wrong for this style of magazine.

I think it is because of the target audience of this magazine. They are adults, mature and creative people. This magazine is trying to be serious, but entertained. They don’t want to be boring.

  • Are the contents spilt into sections? Why, how?

Yes, this content is split into two sections ‘features’ and ‘fashion’. It is quite unconventional, because usually magazines have more sections. However it looks very unconventional, unique and modern.

They split it into two sections because it will be easier for readers to find articles which might interested them.

  • What styles of fonts are being used? Differ for each section or feature?

I think they used 2 or 3 different font types.
First one is used for the heading of this page. Word ‘CONTENTS’ is written in big, bold letters. It makes it noticeable, and makes it easy to read. It is written in black, because it will stand out from the grey page, but won’t really change the palette and purpose of using grey colours.

Next font has been used for the names of content sections. Font is looking very feminine, nice and interesting. This font looks very classy and makes this magazine more luxurious and mature.

This difference makes people pay attention to it. Despite the fact that this font has much smaller letter size, they showed us that it has second level of importance.

All the other text I think is written in the same font, but in much smaller size. I think this font is very conventional and minimalistic.


5. Overall theme

  • What colour palette is used?

They used grey, black and red palette. You can see different selections of grey everywhere on this picture.
However one piece they left in its natural colour. They left heart, only colour piece, which is in red. Grey colour around this heart makes red stand out and makes it even brighter.

Grey colour suggests emotions of the man in the main picture. He looks sad and angry. It is why red in this contents page have very deep meaning. First of all it represents anger and aggressiveness.

Also this colour represents passion.

I think that this picture has history. We can see a hand, which is holding a heart next to men’s chest. There is an illusion that this hand just ripped out his heart. We can’t live without our heart, it is why everything around is grey and black. These colours are colours of death.

I think this man is sad and angry because of the problems in his relationships.

  • How does this relate to the genre/design style/mission of the magazine?

Photography style, font and colours relates to the genre. On the photo we can see serious pop/hip-hop star. He looks aggressive like all the artists of this genre. This magazine is trying to cover two themes, music and fashion. All this design is made for a specific purpose, which is attracting its target audience.

It is aimed more towards a female audience; it is why they are playing so much on the artist’s emotions.

The magazine looks very clean and expensive, because its TA is looking for that. This TA can afford to pay more for better things. They don’t need any kind of promotions to buy something.


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