Deconstruction Double Page Spreads.


General Layout:

1.    Notice how the page in composed as a whole:

  • Where and how big the images are?

There are two pictures. First one is on the left hand side and it takes the entire page. I think they put it on that position, because this picture is main one. This picture represent band from this article.

Second picture takes place on the top corner from the right hand side. This picture is first thing readers will notice after opening this double spread page. It is why it has to be strong, interesting. This picture obviously is linked to the article.

  • What configuration are the text columns?

Overall there are 3 columns. All of them are neatly lined up. It looks very conventional.
On top of the columns with the main text there are a kicker, which have to stand out from the other text. This kicker has to be exciting and interesting. It has to make readers to read this particular article.

  • What is the grid use?

Text spread into 3 columns and kicker. Also there is a quote almost in the centre of the page, which is a part of important, interesting picture. This quote has to interest people and convince them to read this article. Also there are two pictures, one of which is placed in the right column.

There is also one big picture, which takes the entire page.
Grid looks very clean, lined up and nice. However it doesn’t look boring, because of the pictures used.

  • What is the overall colour scheme?

Overall colour scheme is white, black and red. This colours looks very well together. Every colour brings different emotions to this DSP.

Red for example brought feeling of anger and passion, it is the colour of blood and sex. This colour is very bright, but it can look cheap if it stands with wrong colours. However black and white made this colour look expensive and tasteful.

Black colour also made this picture looks more like in rock style.

Finally white colour made this picture softer and more mature.

  1. Text elements:

  • Describe how the feature headline, kicker, pull quotes, side bars, body text and any other text differ in font, colour, effect etc… explain why?

Headline has the biggest font, because people have to know what is this article about. The heading of the article has to be interesting, because people won’t read article if the heading is boring and don’t offer them what they want.

Kicker of this article has smaller font, but it still catching reader eye. Most important words in this kicker are highlighted. I think they highlight them to bring them importance.

We can clearly see that they have one pull quote almost in the middle of the page. This quote has font, which is even bigger then font of kicker. They made it like that, because before reading kicker, people usually looking at all double spread page, to have an idea of article. They are looking at pictures and pull quotes.

Also there is one pull quote, which is on the small picture. This quote possibly explains what people on the picture are doing there.

Body text has small, ordinary letters, which looks very conventional.

The side bar is in the red box, it makes this text looks important. Also this side bar has subheading, which has bigger font. Also this subhead has drop shadows, which makes this text stand out.

  • How do the font, colour and effect communicate meaning about the article to the reader?

Colours are quite mature and bright. It doesn’t looks cheap, but makes this picture looks more entertaining and exciting. Colours are quite simple and classic for this type of genre. It means that this article and probably all magazine made for elder, creative and open-minded people.

  • How is the body text aligned: is it interrupted with pull quotes, images, sidebars… how and why?

The body text is neatly aligned and looks very clean and mature. However it is interrupted with one pull quote. I think they made it, because they didn’t want this magazine to looks boring. However it has to be mature it is why small picture and sidebar is fit into one text column.


3. Images:

  • Describe position, orientation and size of images: relate to importance within article and relevance to article.

There are just 2 pictures. However it doesn’t looks boring, because both pictures look very interesting.

On the main picture we can see woman and man.

Woman is standing on the front, I think it represents main target audience of this article/magazine. However I think that this picture will interest both, male and female.
This picture is on the left hand side. They put it there, because they didn’t want to distract people from the most important thing on this double spread, which is article. However they made this picture on the whole page, because it is most important picture and it will attract people to this article.

Also there is smaller picture, which is located on the top, right corner.
We hardly can see that on that picture this band is on the stage, singing.
This picture has that location because it will be firs thing on which we will be looking at, when we open this article, that’s mean that this picture had to be strong and interesting as it is.

Both pictures are related to the article.

  • Notice the style of photography: black and white, effected etc…. why?

They didn’t use any visible photo effects. Because of this colour palette this photo looks very bright and exciting. Once readers saw this photo, they will be interested in reading article. This picture promise that article have to be very entertained and exciting.

To reach that effect on audience they used a lot of different equipment in Photoshop. They had to make this picture bright and special.

In Photoshop they changed contrast and used clone tool to make models face looks fresh and to get rid of any possible spots.


  • Notice mise-en-scene, lighting, makeup, costume, props etc… why?

Background looks like it is all covered in blood. It has to excite people and make them interested in this article. Blood is red and as we know red is the colour of passion and anger. It might be related to the heading of this article ‘NOT IN MY NAME’.

Make-up also is related to headline. Lipstick of the woman looks like it is a blood coming out of her mouth. It has to interested readers, excite them and make them read it.

Man is wearing the sunglasses. It looks like he is trying to hide himself from paparazzi. He is a star and he is popular.


  • Notice captions with each photo?

There is quote on the smaller picture, perhaps it’s related to this photo or describes what are this band doing on it.

Also, there is a text on the bigger picture, probably there are explanations about who took this picture, why and where.

4. Graphical furniture:

  • Notice and describe incidental photography of related imagery: props, images to add meaning to the article etc.

This picture is not incidental; it looks like they spend a lot of time for background and make-up. Both, background and make-up looks like blood. It brings aggressiveness to this article.

Also man is wearing a glasses, it makes him looks like a superstar who is trying to hide himself from paparazzi.
Both, male and female are dressed up quite conventionally, however clothes are perfectly fitting in the colour palette.

  • Notice magazine logo, page numbering and magazine section text on tops and bottoms of the pages.

There are no any magazine logos. Also we can see that page numbering is on the right or left, bottom corner. Magazine section is on the top of the right page of double spread.

  • Notice any other logos, graphics, unique bullet points etc…

As far as I can see there are no any others logos and unique bullet points.


     5. Tone and register:

  • As with the front cover notice the type of language [register] used in the feature headline, kicker, pull quotes and body text.

In this DSP they used casual language. This magazine is not about global world problems it is why the language they used is quite simple and it isn’t serious. They may use slang and swearing in it. However slang isn’t very new as target audience of this magazine seems to be quite mature.

  • What is the tone of the article?

Tone of this magazine seems to be about sex and music. They can talk about drugs and alcohol in this magazine. It also might offer some ideas to readers about where to spend Friday evening.

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