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1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

C.I.G magazine is targeted on females between 16 and 25 years. All the features are perfectly matches this age, because they are fresh, interesting, exciting and a bit provocative. It is what most part of the girls of that age want to get from the magazine, because at this stage they are open to something new and completely different. They think that they are already mature; it is why, I believe, design of my magazine also fits very well. This magazine will be unsuitable for people under 16 years as some contents are provocative. Some features are about drugs, love or sex and some might be too violent.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 15.36.06

My magazine is in Indie Rock style, because this style perfectly fits the life style of modern teenagers. Clothes style is very comfy and fashionable. It also goes well with all the new trends like MOUSTACHE symbols and Apple production. However it will have its differentiations from original Indie style etc. fashion. Originally indie fans prefer to go to charity shop when I’m targeting to indie fans, which are willing to be more fashionable too.

I took my inspiration from INDIE and ARTROCKER magazines.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 15.38.43 Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 15.41.14

I liked INDIE magazine because of its house style. All the covers of the magazine looks very different from all the magazines I have seen. They are very minimalistic but they are NOT unexciting. On the covers they usually use just one headline, which is the main one. It shows that it is monthly, mature and expensive magazine and this style helps them to attract correct target audience.

By looking at the cover of INDIE magazine you can see how much effort was putted into it. Minimalistic style suggests that magazine is fashionable, but all the pictures show quite different fashion and because of that we can suggest that it is creative, arty style.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 22.45.46

Their photos are always made in studio, however it doesn’t make them look like a POP style magazine, it make them looks more expensive. Poses models made and quality of photography might be quite high and seems to be pop, however clothes and props remind us of opposite. Vogue poses and quality make us feel fashion, but overall design don’t letting us forget about indie genre.

All the indie magazines have very good and clever cover page composition. Because of its composition, magazine looks indie despite the fact that it has a bit pop looking like photos in it. Usually they use just a bit of the text on the cover page, by that intriguing their TA and differentiate pop magazines. 



Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 12.29.54


Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 12.33.35


Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 12.34.07

Also a lot of magazines of this kind are very sophisticated and smart builded. Photography and features are very connected. For example INDIE magazine, cover with glasses, its only heading called ‘OH, I SEE’ or one with ‘OH the BOY’s issue’, guy on the front page holding his lips in a way that he looks very surprised. Colours also usually are very alternative. Green, blue and read also are the colours, which get people attention.

3575710504_3f1c3cb508_o Adel-Jord-Covers-Indie-Magazine-MaleModelSceneNet lf0a6284e6b5f4e9c0e7ad3mx7

There are some examples of bands, which may be in these magazines:






Arctic Monkeys posed.


For my palette I used white black/grey and salmon colours. I decided to use simple palette based around her skin colour. I didn’t need to use bright colours, as it is not what my TA wants. Colours I used are very mature, simple and soft, they perfectly match my magazines design and contrast one with another. They make each other brighter and it makes my magazine to stand out. Also salmon colour is very alternative and is unconventional. However in the same time this colour is very soft and nice. It makes readers to feel relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand black brings feeling of danger, mystery and reminder of rock gender.

I used just few colours in my palette by that following magazine’s normal code of conventions.

I believe that in some ways I went against usual codes of conventions of the Indie Rock magazine, because cover photo is not that alternative and I placed magazine’s masthead on its conventional place. However by putting up on the cover page just one headline I used unconventional grid and it made C.I.G magazine looks more sophisticated and different.

I found it very interesting how just with one thing I completely changed magazine’s TA, because if I would use more headlines on the cover page my magazine will look more like a POP one.

FASHION-Magazine-Cover-2011-February-600x791 COVER

Magazine, which is more pop alike, like Fashion magazine, will work in normal codes of conventions. It will have a lot of headlines aligned around the model. They also usually have their masthead underneath the photo, as their main selling point is not that much about contents, but about nice, beautiful model. Girls buying that type of magazine want to be like that model, sexy and beautiful.

Photos on the cover page of POP magazine always are studio ones, usually in mid shot.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 19.23.01  Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 19.22.49  Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 19.41.16

Studio shots are very attractive for people, which appreciate visual culture. It makes magazine look more luxurious and fashionable. Also this kind of photography adds value to the magazine, so producers can charge higher price.

However, these photos need more attention and time. These photos have to be perfect. Before using them they have to be retouching. In Photoshop they can change colours of certain things like nails, lips or skin, they also make model’s skin look perfect and fresh.

Pop magazines also, usually have different stickers on the cover, offering free giveaways, on the cover page as they want to attract as much readers as possible, while my magazine want to be seen as a more luxury, different and sophisticated.

Artrocker_Cover COVER

Artocker magazine, is quite indie. However it has its differentiations and similarities with C.I.G magazine.

For example I noticed that all indie magazines usually leave a lot of white space on the cover page by that staying conventional for this kind of genre.

However, while in my magazine it can be written something about fashion trends and popular colours of the season, Artrocker will concentrate on music and festivals. It is why there is a big difference in photography style. Artrocker magazine always has odd, indie photography on its cover page, by that being conventional for its TA and magazine style, while C.I.G magazine’s cover page photo is made more in POP style, heavily influenced by alternative fashion.

There is a reason of me using POP alike photo on the cover page of C.I.G magazine. As I wanted my magazine to differentiate from others magazines of that genre, I had to give up some conventions of indie magazine, I had to make it different from everything what there is already on the market. I thought that it would be a good idea to make cover photo more studio-like as it will differentiate my magazine and also it will fit FASHION theme which present in my magazine.

However, to make my magazine stay Indie, I had had to make my grid look different and unconventional. I had two choices.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 23.44.50 imagesCAZ739HX Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 23.44.26 Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 23.44.08 material_girl_no_01m220461825 Material Girl 2010 cover -- Lea Talay by Dirk Bader-1 material-girl-2011-december-01

First one was to fill all the white space with the text, and second one was to leave my cover page minimalistic. I made sketches of two of them, and first variant still looked quite POPish.

I decided to use minimalistic variant and use just one headline. I wanted it to look odd, different and unconventional, it where I got the idea of making it tattoo like. Tattoo effect shows alternative design and looks rebellion, even though we are not supposed to think, that it is really on her arm.

I made few photo sessions and one of them I made outside, because I thought that I might change my mind and put more indie style photo on my cover page.


IMG_4791 IMG_4753 IMG_4748 IMG_4759 IMG_4762

However, I liked an idea of my magazine to be mature and different, so I stopped on the minimalistic variant.


DSC_0023 DSC_0015 DSC_0014 DSC_0012

I used photo, I thought would be the best for my magazine. My model looks very sexy and intriguing on it. I made it look like she is topless, because I thought that it looks rebellious and also fits my design, minimalistic. She doesn’t have a lot of make up on and unlighted cigarette next to her half opened mouth looks very sexy. My target audience will buy it, aiming to open secret of her beauty. Also on this cigarette she has very sexy, vogue pose. I believe that it plays well for my TA, people who appreciate visual beauty.

For my contents page main picture I made photo, which will dispose my target audience and will make them feel relaxed and comfy while reading C.I.G magazine. I wanted this photo to be friendly and nice, as I wanted my magazine to communicate with consumers.

From the time I just started planning my magazine, I had clear picture of my contents page main photo. As I planned I made it in restaurant and it turned to be very bright, emotional and friendly.


For my double page spread I wanted to make photo, which will be very original and sensitive. Story on double page is about girl, which was addicted to drugs. I made photo of the girl in the bath, which is filled with water. First of all it looks sexy. She is lying on the back, which suggests that she is available and unprotected. However she is wearing clothes and it shows that she has a control and with the wet, see-through clothes she just playing with people

Second of all it perfectly fits my story, as water represent getting clean and free of something, in my case free from drugs.

Also there are flowers in the bathroom. They represent indie spirit and something nice and natural. Also it is the a visual opposite to the disruptive and horrible visuals of drugs.

I believe that this picture is both conventional and unconventional for indie rock style. It is unconventional because it is studio-like and you can see that scene is made up. However it is very different and interesting photo it is why it fits indie style.


DSC_0046 DSC_0049 DSC_0058 DSC_0066-1 (переrtтянутый)

I wanted my magazine to be very exciting and at the same time simple, because then it will communicate with my consumers.

Best way to do that I saw through the headlines and articles.

All the headlines on the contents page I made to sound very interesting and exciting. I believe that I made them very eye catching, so once consumer will read my headline, he will be very interested in reading whole the feature e.g. my main headline on the cover page ‘IF I AM LOST IT IS ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE’. This feature is about singer, which just got ‘clean’ of drugs. She understood that drugs ruin her life and she encouraging everyone to stop taking them. I choose this headline as it shows that she has a strong personality and if she once made a mistake she will be strong enough to fix it.

In the contents page I put some very friendly headlines, some headlines I made to sound mysterious, by that I made my TA to fill comfortable and stay interested in my magazine.

I also have one column on my contents page designed specially for artistic people. There are different news about interesting exhibitions and new artists.

As I wanted my magazine to be minimalistic and different, I couldn’t use very odd layout. However I couldn’t forget that my magazine has to be unconventional or it would be completely different genre. It is why I used just a bit of space of contents in my cover page and I made it look like a tattoo. Cover page layout was quite similar to INDIE magazine and Material girl.

12591-800w Adel-Jord-Covers-Indie-Magazine-MaleModelSceneNet lf0a6284e6b5f4e9c0e7ad3mx7 material-girl-2011-december-01 m220461825 2755825755_a30f7479e0_o

I had to leave my contents page quite simple so rotated just one MUSIC column in my contents page, to make my contents more unconventional.


Name of my magazine and its cover page clearly suggests that in this magazine reader will find something about smoking, drinking and drugs.

However it is not in aggressive way and all the contents are very nice and seem to be interesting.

They are about simple things like love and happiness. However reader will always find some contents, which is quite academic. For example in art column people can find something interesting about art world.

I used very simple words in my magazine, as I want my readers to feel relaxed and comfortable while they reading my magazine.

Even though my magazine is written in mature tone, content it is not written in a way that glorifies it, or makes it cool, it is real, truthful and intelligently discussed.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 22.57.00

For my double page spread I used quite interesting theme for all teenagers and young adults, which is a drug addiction. Even the article headline makes people interested, and pushes them to read this article.

I made this article very personal, so some of my consumers having the same problem will be motivated to fight their addiction.

I wanted to use as less different fonts as possible, as I wanted to remain minimalistic. I think it made my magazine very unique, sophisticated and interesting. For my house style I used Chalkduster font. It looked to me as a very good decision to write the most important things with it as this font is very noticeable and it will be easy to make it recognizable. I used it for my masthead and for the column headings in the contents page.

For my headline on the cover I used Papyrus font, not just because it looked very fresh and different, but also because it looks like it was written by hand. It makes readers feel like feature is honest, real and written by artist, like it was took from models diary.

For the rest of my text I used Lao MN, as it is very simple, minimalistic font. It doesn’t have any unnecessary details in it.

I chose as very interesting and unconventional design for my masthead, which I believe also goes good with magazine style and the masthead meaning. It called C.I.G, like a cigarette, so it looks like masthead was written with the cigarette filter. Also, if we will look at magazine tone and register, which is very fashionable, it also looks like it was written with the lipstick.

2.How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 11.30.27

Indie fans want to differentiate themselves from others. They want to be sexy, mature, interesting and bright. Particularly my TA is interested in fashion and design. They also don’t like to have any rules, as they want to be free and they see themselves as mature young adults.

Indie fans and artists usually are smokers as they associate smoking with adulthood and being self-confident.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 22.54.20

I think that my cover page clearly represent average consumer of my magazine. My model sits in the classic, fashion vogue pose, by that making my magazine look more classy and representative. She looks very sexy and fashionable on that photo. She looks like a person, who doesn’t follow the rules, or let’s say young female with no respect and bad attitude, as she has a cigarette as a prop. However because of her pose cigarette also adds classy bits.

As my audience want to feel themselves mature, my magazine’s style has to be quite simple. It is why I didn’t use a lot of different, bright colours or many different fonts. For the same reason I made this picture more studio-like. Also, I thought that it would look more fashionable and I believe it is.

Overall, my cover page looks quite minimalistic and sophisticated. It will address to my target audience, as they want to get something completely different, mature and interesting.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 11.33.28

Indie fans love nature, they think that they are similar to hippy in some ways as they want to be as close to it as possible, it is why flowers is one of the indie fan symbol. It was one of the main reason I used flowers as a part of model’s props for the photo on double page spread. Also, I think, mise-en-scene was quite unconventional for that photo session (bath). I thought that it would be a good idea to use unconventional location for that photo, as it looks very different and it catches your eye.

For my other photo, which is the main one on the contents page, I used café as a mise-en-scene. It looks very daily, peaceful and relaxing. It represents my target audience as peaceful people.

On the two photos, artists have a guitar as a prop, because comparing to pop music, indie musicians can play different instruments and they can sing live for people.

I used quite simple register, as my TA will feel more comfortable and relaxed like that. Also it will make my consumers to feel connected with C.I.G magazine.

5721113284_6619a7f8b7_b The+Teenagers+tt


Indie fans usually wear dark clothes. Both, male and female wear skinny jeans. Girls usually have a lot of different accessorise on them. They hairstyle is always very odd, but fascinating. They look very fashionable. They are usually are very peaceful, comparing to hip-hop fans.


Hip-hop for example, has completely different style. They like to have baggy clothes and wear street sneaker style of shoes. They like to wear different caps and hoodies. Usually they will have dr. Dre beats and a big car. They usually are wealthy.

I believe that my magazine attracts not just Indie Rock fans. My magazine has different categories as art, for example. Some people, who are not that much into indie music, will read my magazine because of the art features. Some people will be interested in fashion, which suggest my magazine.

My cover page looks a bit POPish, because of it some pop music fans might pick this magazine and find out that they like this genre. I think that because of the fashion bit, my magazine will be interesting for a broader audience, not just for my TA. People, which are not that into indie music, will pick up my magazine, as my magazine is very fashionable.

I aimed to represent Indie Rock as a quite friendly genre and I wanted to show that almost everyone could find something interesting in it.

I wanted to show that indie fans are interesting people.




My main story is about singer, which was drug addicted, but she got clean, and she proud of that. By that story I wanted to show that some part of my TA has drug problems and encourage them to stop, by showing all the consequences.

I believe that my story is quite sad, and readers will be sorry for the artist. She understood all her mistakes and did the right thing when she decided to stop taking drugs. On my photos I wanted to show her quite weak and clean again. That is one of the reasons why it looks like she is topless on my cover page; nudity shows weakness and what she is unprotected. Double page photo I made in the bath filled with water, it represents that my model is getting clean from something bad.

I wanted to show that my TA actually has different interests and they know that drugs are bad and most part of my TA is not using them. However, if they do, as soon as they will be able to find strength they will fight it. However of course my TA has some individuals, who think that by taking drugs they will differentiate, will be more brutal, mature and sexy. In some way they are using classic ‘heroin chic‘ look.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 17.52.56 Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 18.07.36 Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 17.53.40 Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 18.01.36

Smoking and consuming alcohol is a bit different. My target audience want to live as interesting and fun as possible and they see alcohol and cigarettes as a way to spend a fun night.

3.What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 

An example of company, which produce similar magazines to C.I.G, is PLASTIC MEDIA.

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.19.45

They produce 2 magazines and one of them, Indie magazine, they make in 2 variants, English and German.

Both magazines, Indie and Material Girl, are similar in some ways, as they are very different from what there is on the magazine’s market. They both are very minimalistic, colourful and overall they look a bit odd.

Style of photography also differentiates them from other magazines. All photos are bright, studio-like and they all are very interesting in someway.

I noticed that on the covers of both, indie and material girl, magazines, they use just one headline. I think they are doing it to make magazine look more sophisticated, minimalistic and interesting, exciting to consumers.

These magazines TA are mainly females between 16 and 23 years. I believe that they are very similar to the group I am targeting to.

Material Girl 2010 cover -- Lea Talay by Dirk Bader-1 m220461825 Alexandrina-Turcan Simon-Kotyk-for-Indie-Magazine-Spring-2011-MaleModelSceneNet

Both magazines have own web sites, where you can view what current issue is about.

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.17.31

Material girl also allow you to view previous issues.

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.46.45

Both magazines have the same blog called THE PET FAN-CLUB

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.49.34

There you can find out some news about future issues, events, photography made especially for the blog and a lot of different things.

Magazines also have their Facebook pages. There you can find out about different upcoming events, links to things they liked etc.

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.54.49

Снимок экрана 2013-04-06 в 17.55.01

Plastic media also has some corporate publishing like MONIKI Magazine, Australian Fashion Guide and different look books and catalogues.

On the Indie magazine web site you can also find some links.

For example you can find clubs presented by Indie magazine.

I think that my magazine is very similar to Indie and Material Girl magazines.

Photography style for example is very neat, clean and studio-like. Design of my magazine also is very similar. It is minimalistic and fashionable. TA also is almost the same, despite the fact that Indie magazine is not fully targeting on females.

Снимок экрана 2013-04-08 в 20.02.30 35598-500w material-girl-2011-december-01 2755923301_d8f6178b9f_o


With such a big technology popularity it is very good idea for magazines to use this opportunity to advertise and research through Internet.

Some magazines also have their websites where you allowed to quickly check what is last issue is about.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 11.37.02

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 11.38.02

I think it is very important for magazine to have web presence, because now people stop buying thing in the real magazines. For example people prefer to download movies, music and books. Also there is now an opportunity of downloading magazines, it is even allowed to do through your iPhone. There is a big risk of people simply stopping buy these kind of things in the real shops, as they are able to do that via Internet, so for magazine’s safety it is good to have Internet presence.

There are some reasons of this kind of format being that popular. First of all people can read magazine without actually going to the shop for purchase. Also my TA, people, which are very modern and use different kind of technology, will think that it is more convenient.

It is better when magazines has different formats, as for some consumers it is very important and they will chose other magazine which allow reader to buy it online.


Also it is very good when magazines have radios or TV channels. First of all it makes consumers to be more loyal to the magazine and helps attract new people and make some be aware of the magazine. It is very good advertising of magazine, because people, which listening or watching your radio/TV probably are magazine’s TA.

4.Who would be the audience for your media product? 

Target audience of my magazine aged between 16 and 25. They are studying A-levels or already are at university.

I believe that my magazine looks quite feminine and fashionable. It is why I decided to target it on females, as I hardly can imagine male reading that kind of magazine. Also features won’t be that interesting for male half.


I can imagine C.I.G. magazine fans to have very strong personalities. They are aiming to finish university, get a good job. However at the same time they want to be popular. It is why people from my TA are very sociable. They are visiting all kind of parties and gigs. I can imagine them as very fashionable people.

As they are Indie music fans, I believe most part of them plays or want to play musical instrument and they are hoping to become very famous musicians one day. Some of them are not very into creating music, but they like different art like painting and drawing, fashion, films, photography, journalism, creative media etc.


As I already mentioned readers of my magazine are scholars or studying at university. I think of my target audience as about quite wealthy teenagers, so I think that consumers of my magazine are aiming to finish university.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.04.24

TA of my magazine are very creative, arty and educated people. I think that they will be very interested in playing musical instruments. They enjoying creating music or just sitting outside with their friends and sing something together. Some people of course are not born to be musicians, but I believe that every single person in my TA will enjoy listening to music.

They might be very into photography. They will have good, may be even professional photo camera and they will carry it with them everywhere as they like catching beautiful moments and share them with all the world (via Facebook, Instagram, blogs)

I think that most part of them will be very good in drawing. They will doodle on the boring lessons or lectures and they will enjoy creating something interesting at the art lessons or at their free time.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.06.07

As all the teenagers my Target Audience are people enjoying listening to music. They can do it with the help of their iPhone or iPod, but I think that they will prefer to go to all the different kind of festivals and gigs. They like it more because there they can meet their friends there, some of my TA can enjoy festival with beer and overall atmosphere is completely different. It is better as it is funnier.

Consumers of my magazine are very sociable people, so I believe that they will have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. When they are far away from their computer, they will check their accounts through their phones. They are so into liking someone’s photos and checking where are their friends that I believe it is new kind of interest of modern teenagers.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.06.49

Fashion is very important for modern teens and my TA is not an exception. They are trying to show who they are through their clothes and accessories, show people their style, creativeness, independency and social status. Also it can help them to find new friends. Through the clothes people can find others, which are one nature with them.

Indie Rock style is quite different from Rock fans style. It is more sensitive, colourful and free. They are still wearing jeans and leather jackets, however they are mixing them with nice, accessories and cute prints on their t-shirts.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.07.49

As I already mentioned my Target Audience have some differentiations from original Indie fans. They are more into shopping and clothes. While some indie fans will go for the shopping to their local charity shop, my consumers will go to the shops like:

New Look

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.21.27

Top Shop

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.16.16


Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.08.12


Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.29.18

French Connection

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.33.52

They won’t go to charity shops, as they are more feminine then original indie fans, they want to have new, beautiful clothes and they can afford it.

It is a good thing as there will be open space for advertising in my magazine.

My TA are very modern people, it is why now they are also using Internet shops. They think that it is much comfier, as they don’t have to go anywhere and look for they size and in the case they won’t like it they can always return their money.

All the shops have their web sites, so you can always go there and check for something new in stock. However not all the shops allow you to order your clothes trough their home page.

However some of them will

Also there are a lot of shops, operating just via Internet. You can order clothes from different countries like America, China or Russia. It might be much cheaper than in usual shops and online store will help you with search.

For example ASOS has a lot of different searching tools as price, size etc.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 9.38.07

My target audience have to follow the trends, as now most of their social life is going through all the different kind of technology. Almost all of them have some Apple production, as it is very easy to communicate through it. Features of Apple production, like iMessage and FaceTime make communication much easier and faster.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 17.54.47

Also they like Apple production because of its design, it is why I suggest that they will be fans of the new brand people people.

For example now they are promoting transpiring speakers.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 17.56.02

For some target audience of mine Internet is very important part of they life. They tweet, they chatting and sharing pictures and news with other people.

Every single person in my TA has account on Facebook. Most of them also are on Twitter, MySpace and Instagram.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.05.35

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.01.30

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.00.44

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.06.19

My consumers are not that much into reading books. However they really like magazines. Magazines in which they can find something about upcoming festivals or gigs, in which they can read about new fashion trends and modern technology. Also they will be very interested to find out some news about their favourite musicians.

I believe that magazines like INDIE and Rolling Stone will be the best example.

I think that indie fans will also read some stories and reviews via Internet.

Readers of C.I.G magazine don’t really like watching TV. They prefer computers, as they can watch and find everything in there. They don’t need to wait for something good to come up on TV and they can easily find it in the Internet.

They will still enjoy watching some channels like MTV, NME TV or E4

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.08.13

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.09.56

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.13.36

However one of their favourite channels goes just through Internet and it called INDIEFAN

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.15.33


They will enjoy watching different documentaries on bands and most part of the movies and TV shows will be in style called social realism.

For example very popular and famous in all the countries TV show SKINS. This British teen drama is very popular between my TA as all the characters from this series are close to them. They have similar problems, hobbies and habits.

Very similar to it will be Inbetweeners and Misfits.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.16.44

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 18.24.11

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 19.39.38

My target audience are fans of Indie Rock, but they will also enjoy listening to some others rock subgenres. They are very interested in finding new bands and artists.

They enjoying listening to bands LIKE:

Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 19.46.21


Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 19.47.36

Arctic Monkeys

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 19.54.00

My target audience like going to gigs and festivals. If they don’t have this opportunity they will watch it live online.

5.How did you attract/address your audience? 

I think that my magazine attract correct target audience. Before making my magazine I made a research and I found out what people want to get from my magazine.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 19.59.34

First of all name of the magazine is a bit provocative and it makes my target audience to be curious in what C.I.G is about.

Font of my masthead also makes Indie fans notice my magazine. It looks like it was written with a lipstick or even with finished cigarette. It will attract them, as they will fill connected and close to it, as most part of my TA is smokers.  Lipstick will be close to them as the also love fashion and are very fashionable.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 22.41.45

Colour of masthead is one of the main ones in C.I.G magazine. This colour help represent Indie style, as it looks fresh, very alternative and is different from other colours we used to see in daily life.

This colour made lips to be more noticeable and now lips offer sex appeal, because of the reddish colour of lipstick and half-open mouth. Red colour is associated with danger, passion and sex, which are very close to my TA as they are teenagers and they feel or want to feel it therefore it will attract them.

In my magazine I tried to use as less different fonts as possible as my magazine have to be quite minimalistic.

It is why I also didn’t use any promotions. C.I.G magazine is quite different from other Indie magazines, as my target audience is not interested in promotion. They are interested in design more, as they are very artistic. Also it shows that my magazine is not desperate for people to buy it. It shows high class of my magazine, because it designed specially to appeal to intelligent but potentially subversive people.

It is also why photo on the cover page is more studio-like. High quality photography attracts fashionable, mature, creative, arty people, which will appreciate sophisticated design and photography, as they are fans of visual culture. High quality photography also makes my magazine looks accurate, mature and expensive. However to make it more noticeable I made this picture a bit provocative too. Also this kind of photography shows the design and quality of the magazine’s company.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-08 в 11.37.08

My model looks thin and pale, I believe it attracts my target audience as she looks sexy and girls want to be like her, they buying this magazine aiming to find out model’s secret. Smoking also attracts them as it is rebellious and it might be close thing to them if they are smokers.

Photos, which are inside of the magazine, are very interesting and different. Some of them might be not that studio-like, but they are very modern and indie.

My magazine mainly has three colours in it, which are black, white and salmon. I think that they work very well together and it makes my magazine to stand out from the shop’s shelf. These colours make each other brighter, they complementing one another. For example, on the cover page, model pale skin contrast well with her hair colour.

Also I used the same colour for magazine masthead and model’s lips.

It looks quite odd, but very different and fashionable.

Her looks became brighter and more noticeable and it brings sex appeal. Her mouth is half open and it looks sexy and glaringly.

Also my magazine has just one headline on the cover, which is quite hard to notice from the beginning. This feature looks like a tattoo on the model’s arm. It makes my magazine to differentiate from the others and it makes my cover page very sophisticated, interesting and unique.

All the features in my magazine will be interesting for consumers of C.I.G magazine. For artistic people there is even separate column. All the features called very interesting and intriguing, because I believe that name of the feature is very important, as readers decide will they read it or will they not by looking at the heading.

6.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 

For the creation of my magazine I used 2 programs, which were very new for me, these are Photoshop and InDesign.
Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 20.22.34 Снимок экрана 2013-05-07 в 20.01.25

I used Photoshop for the creation of my magazine’s cover and contents pages and for the all photos I have made.

I used clone tool a lot while I was working on my photos. It helped me with hiding skin problems, as black circles under model’s eyes and with taking out some details from the photo. I also made my model’s eyebrows a bit thicker. It is very fashionable and helps to make my model to look more natural.

I learnt how to change colours. For example in my cover page I used channel mixer for changing lips colour, because I wanted them to be similar with the masthead colour.

Also I liked to play with photo colours in selective colour. It helped me to make my pictures more studio-like and professional. For example I took away some shadows from the background of mine photos.

Also I made main headline of the magazine look like a tattoo. For that I had to use skew it and make the letters texture more transparent.

I liked to use layers because it allowed me to make variations of masthead I wanted to use, or different types of changed by me photos. Finally it helped me to choose between these variants.

I believe that on the changed photos my model’s skin looks fresher and brighter, background of my photos look more studio-like and overall photo looks very professional.


DSC_0058 1234

DSC_6891 Ivbnm,MG_5994

It was a bit harder for me to get used to InDesign, for example I missed layers a lot. However with the time I got used to it and understood that in InDesign you can do much more with the text. It is why I used it for my double page spread.

I had to work with my photo in Photoshop and then put it into InDesign.


Internet also helped me with my project. I looked in the real magazines and researched some unknown bands; it helped me to gain new and fresh ideas, as sometimes I was finding hidden trends. YouTube and different blogs also helped me to understand my target audience needs.

Also Internet is vital for marketing of niche magazines and genres like mine, as usually these kinds of magazines don’t have a lot of money for marketing and Internet allows them to advertise magazine for lower cost and make people to be aware of it.

Because of the new technology, which are getting created, price on it going down. For example, camera, which few years ago coasted incredibly expensive, now is available for purchasing to every singe person. Now, even our phones have cameras better then average camera people had about 4 years ago. It gives opportunity for people to try themselves in something new as photography. It explains why it became such a popular hobby for the last couple of years.

Now, when technology are getting part of our daily routine it is much easier to get information about your TA, technology helping a lot with different kind of researches. Now we can reach our target audience all over the world and it won’t take a lot of time and money. It is very important, because without knowing what my target audience want to get.

it will be impossible to sell my magazine, especially if  I want my magazine to sell all over the world. Without Internet most part of researches will end up as a local ones.

For example now, I made my research through wordpress blog. I used poll daddies for that and people wanting to help me with my research answered few questions. It helped me to make my magazine as good as possible, as my target audience explained me what they are waiting from this type of magazine.

Using surveys stops some magazines from faultier or wasting money, because when producers know exactly who their TA is, it becomes much easier for them to produce good quality magazine, which will be very interesting for its consumers. Also marketing becomes much cheaper, as by knowing what target audience like. Distributors know where exactly place advertising and they won’t waste money for TV advert, for example, if they know that their TA does not watching television.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.14.01

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.14.18

I saved my time, money and paper on street questionnaires. I followed real media examples, because now on the some web sites there are pop ups encouraging people to answer some questions.

Popularity of YouTube, Apple production and Facebook meant that I have a very good opportunity of good and effective advertising, because these are things my target audience use and I found out about that with the help of my research.

Internet helped me with my magazine planning, as I got some ideas for my C.I.G magazine after researching different popular magazines. Also it helped me a lot while I was researching this genre. I found a lot unknown artists through YouTube and found there they YouTube channels. Overall it helped me to understand better depth of indie culture.


Foals- Total Life Forever

Broken Social Scenes

Finally I understood preferences of my target audience, so my future planning got much easier as I knew in which way I have to go with my design, photos and contents.

I knew that everything had to be done on time. In the beginning, it was very important for me to create a good, eye catching masthead design. It is what I finished up with.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-02 в 20.17.35

I liked this design, as it was quite different and I believed that it would be very recognisable.

After I made some flat plans. They were quite simple and eventually I added some features to my finished product, but I believe that flat plans helped me a lot as I got an idea about my future photos and magazine design.


ygtfurf CON

ryguk DoubleSpread2

After I had to make my photos, as I decided to develop my design starting from them. After few photo sessions I ended up with few great photos for my magazine.

DSC_0012 DSC_0058 DSC_6891 IMG_1265

After work in Photoshop I had perfect photos for my magazine.

1234 COVER

mycrowdpaint Ivbnm,MG_5994 

It was very smart of me doing everything on time, because otherwise I would have to finish everything before deadline. It is very hard when you have to make everything last minute. It is better when you are doing your job without rushing things, because then quality of your work is higher.

I think that Internet made communication much easier, because now, you can share your ideas with people from all over the world. All the different kind of websites can help people with that;

It is very useful for companies too, as employees can share ideas being in different countries and it won’t take a lot of their time. They can share ideas through or any other site or program of this type.

For example if photo shoot is going in the Africa and editors already want to see photos, photographer can put them into the blog, where every one from producing company can view them and say their opinion.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-03 в 13.31.23

7.Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

IMG_5074       contents finished

I believe, that my first, school music magazine was very successful. I made a research and understood what my TA of six formers wants to get from my magazine.

TA of my magazine were pupils from six-form, mostly females. I targeted on the social, artistic people. It is why style and contents of my magazine is quite indie.

For my cover page I used blue background covered in paint. It had to interest arty people of Wycliffe College.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-09 в 9.59.04

It was the very first time I used Photoshop and InDesign, so it was very hard for me. However I understood very quickly which type of tools I had to use to make my model’s face neat and fresh, how to change colour scheme and contrast. InDesign was much harder for me as I already used to Photoshop.

My magazine was very fresh and easy to read one, it communicated with all the readers.

I decided to use colourful palette, because one of the main themes of this magazine is art. By using all the paint on the background of my cover I reminded consumers about its theme.

Red colour represents anger and passion. My target audience has passion to music and art. They are angry because they are at the new place, their homes are far away and they have new rules, which do not have any sense. This colour is close to them.

Yellow represents something different, alternative, because it is very bright and nice. It brings feeling of something good.

Finally, blue, which is mine main colour, I put there because it is very bright and it will attract people and will make them pick up this magazine.

There is just one picture on the cover and one on the contents page. Those pictures are photos of Tasia, new girl in our school. I choose her as a model because my main topic is about her and her ambitions. She is wearing some kind of rock style clothes, because my magazine has its music style, which is alternative rock. Also leather jacket shows her as a person who wants to take a risk, who is not afraid of anything. Mostly it is because we used to see all these bikers in leather jackets. They are doing whatever they want and now leather clothes, for most of us, associates with people like bikers. On the both pictures Tasia’s hands are in paint. I wanted to be them like that, because I wanted to show her creativeness and art side of the magazine.

IMG_4955       Копия IMG_4954

On the cover photo she looks confident and mysterious. It helped me to attract students to mine magazine, because they were interested to know more about new girl in the school.

Photo, which is on the contents page, shows other side of Tasia. It shows her as a fun, interesting and fun person.

I think all of these topics are be interesting for my target audience and they are fits magazine’s style.

Снимок экрана 2013-05-09 в 10.02.29

Masthead of this magazine is RULEBREAKER, it was very important to write something on this theme to give a reason for me choosing that masthead. It is why I decided to put article HOW TO BREAK RULES AND NOT BE PUNISHED as a headline of the magazine. I think this topic will be very interesting for my TA and also new pupils in school.

Main headline is about Tasia, new girl in Wycliffe. I made it main because it will give chance to attract more readers, not just my target audience. It should work, because everyone will be interested in knowing something about new student.

Also my target audience is creative, alternative people. It is why it will be interesting for them to know more about making presents by themselves.

I was trying to mix alternative and conventional styles. It will show that my magazine is alternative and it breaks all the conventional and unconventional rules. My magazine has its own style.

It is why most of the headlines on the cover are rotated, but masthead and main headline are laid out conventionally. I decided to make them in conventional style, because it will make it easier to read and potential buyers will read that in the first place. To support alternative rock style of the magazine I made the masthead a bit cracked. With this special effect masthead associates with broken glass and loud music.

In contents page only word CONTENTS is a bit rotated and everything else is lined up very conventionally and neatly. I did it because I wanted remained my readers that RULEBREAKER is still school magazine.

The magazine’s tone is not very serious, mostly because it is entertaining magazine for teenagers.  This magazine is all about different ways having fun in Stonehouse area, art and alternative way of life.

The register of mine magazine is orientated on Senior School Pupils. So, I decided to use casual language. I wanted my magazine to communicate with students it is why it is very easy and interesting to read. Despite the fact that my magazine called RULEBREAKER you won’t find any swearing in it, because it is still school magazine.

My magazine represents creative part of male and female six-formers of  Wycliffe College. They are active, hard working and very creative. However, their creativeness and differentness gives them few problems. For example, most part of students wants to stay different from others, they wants to stay out from the crowd and it is very difficult thing to do in Wycliffe. Some topics from my magazine will help them to deal with that and explain them how to break few uniform rules. Target audience of my magazine chooses RULEBREAKER because they want to find out more about school life and art, they want to take part in different competitions, and just have a good, relaxing time by reading it. All pupils have opportunity to be in this magazine, because each month we are taking interviews with students, who have proven that their creativity is up to an outstanding level.

I believe that I made a very big progress from my first school magazine to second music one. I understood better how to use software and learnt a lot of new things. For example, I learnt how to change colour of particular thing on photo and how to make sign look like a tattoo.

However, I think, that I had to spend a bit more time on planning and get some more flatplans for my contents pages, as I think, that it was my weakest link.

I wanted them to look as expensive and good as possible, but I did’n actually made what i wanted in both contents

contents finished       CON

Now i think that i had to use one photo for the background or made main picture of the contents a bit bigger.

IMG_5723       Снимок экрана 2013-05-06 в 22.20.48

However I think that I got very good and unconventional idea for my second contents page. I made it CONTAINS, because it is cigarette.

Through this year, I learn a lot about PhotoShop and Indesign. I think that it is very interesting to see all the progress I made, because in the beginning of the year PhotoShop and InDesign were extremely new for me. I also understood that I am able of creation something very interesting and unconventional. Media lessons helped me to open creative part of myself. I also understood how important all the planning and researching bit is.Before making the actual magazine it is better to research everything about genre and trends of this genre, because then magazines TA will be interested in magazine, which is very modern and has genre trends in it. Also it is very important to research TA of the magazine, as it will be easier to understand their nature. It will help to find interesting for them theme of feature and will help to understand what are they expecting to get from the magazine. Finally TA research will help to distribute magazine. Research will show what kind of web sites they usually visiting and what technology using, so it will help to understand what will be the best place for magazine advertising. It helped me to make both of my magazines interesting for my consumers and I cross all the deadlines very smoothly.Competitors business also is very important for magazine, I understood it when I was trying to decide my price strategy. Also it is important to know what competitors are doing, as otherwise magazine can miss upcoming trend. It will be harmful to the magazine, as readers will prefer competitor magazine, which has popular trend in it.