Magazine Advert– Deconstruction skills

green day-1

1. Overall Design

This advertising promotes American Idiot album, seventh studio album by the American punk rock band Green Day. Main target audience is attracted by this advert, due to its rebellious appearance. Mid-shot of Billie Armstrong shows his emotions and intention. Target audience will see their idol enjoying his music and will be interested in buying this CD, to experience same feeling. This advert has masculine and aggressive colour palette of red black and white. It represents this album as conventional, classic therefore quality alternative rock album. Font supports genre of Green Day and band style, shows them as disobedient people. Font style of Green Day writing makes this writing to stand out and makes it the most noticeable element of this advert. It is due their band brand name and popularity, people will be attracted by it and encouraged to read this advert. Target audience is attracted to this advert, as they have similar style and interests.

2. Text

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.33.06First thing readers of the magazine will notice on this advert will be a band name, as it is written with bold, clear, capital letters. This font makes writing masculine and heavy. Also this writing is a little bit shabby, what gives it feeling of antiquity and makes it look more rebellious as this writing looks similar to graffiti. It will attract target audience of Green Day, as first of all band name will stand out and Green Day’s fans will be caught by it. Moreover, Antique and rebellious look of the writing will suggest Green Day as a good old rock band, it will attract more people to this advertising.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.34.20

Second thing readers will pay attention to, will be a name of one of the featuring song of the album, ‘Wake me up when september ends’. It is written in dull, disorganized font which reminds me of graffiti. It supports font of band name and overall advert look.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.34.38

Two columns under song name features new singles in this CD and gives more information about the album. All the information is written in clear font, with the quite small letters and some key words and key information (release dates etc.) is highlighted in red colour. This column also has little promotion in it, which is written in same font, with a little bit bigger letters. Almost everything is written in white, except some words, which were highlighted in red. These colours contrast well with the black/grey, which makes them stand out. Also this colour palette is quite aggressive and masculine, it supports genre of this album and attracts correct TA, as it suggests content of this album.

3. Band branding

This advert represent Green Day as rebellious band. This advert has conventional colour palette and chosen font shows their belonging to the street and possibly street crime (graffiti, fights etc.). This font also represent that band members have hasty character. Appearance of Billie on the chosen photo shows him as a person who like to drink, smoke and use drugs. It is due his hair which look messy and he has bristle. Moreover his alternative, rock style is supported with inherent make up. All of that supports overall band style, as Green Day and Billie Armstrong are famous of being violent, explosive and passionate. Also, this photo shows him performing on the stage, it suppose to encourage their TA to buy tickets on their concert, as it is main way for them to make money. However, ‘Make Poverty History’ promo shows to their TA that they care and want to make our world better, it shows them more as mature people.

4. Graphics & Photography

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.31.28

A little bit shabby photo of Billie Armstrong performing was used as a background for this advert. It is quite conventional for rock, so it straight forward suggests the genre. Also this effect and font used look antique, old. Font is also shabby, with some cracks and it looks like old graffiti. It suggests that this album is a good quality one. Also aggressive, masculine rock colour palette supports the idea of ‘American Idiot’ album being classic, conventional alternative rock. They make each other to stand out and suggest rock music. Red and black colours shows anger, danger, passion and brutalism, while white suggests freedom. Even though this photograph doesn’t relate to the album name, it represent the Green Day, as Billie Armstrong is a face of this band and it shows music style. Billie Armstrong has a rebellious appearance on this photo, as he has spiky, a little bit wet hair, bristle and he used eyeliner. It looks alternative and suggests music style. Moreover it will attract TA, as they have similar taste, style etc. Billie looks very intense on this photo, what suggests that he is interested in his music and he enjoys to perform. It encourages TA to buy this CD, as they want to feel the same and be closer to him. His facial expression suggests that this album is good. Moreover, photo of him performing live also shows that music is good and original, it is not POP music, where voice is changed by computer, it is actually a good music.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.54.03

This advertising has few extra images, which are there to support visually some information. In the left bottom corner there are three supporting images. Two of them are the same as background of this ad. In the right bottom corner there are image of the album corner. It will help TA to understand how this album looks like, so then they will find it easier. All the thumbnails on this poster fit this poster perfectly,as they have same colour palette of red, black and white.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.56.39Some graphical furniture is there to provide readers with extra information. For example it gives two web-sites where TA can find out some more information. It gives website of Green Day and Make Poverty History organization. After there is also a logo of Make Poverty History organization, which suggest that Green Day works with them and encourage people to check what is that about.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 22.04.01Last graphical feature on this page is a logo of the Reprise Records, American record label, which recorded ‘American Idiot’.

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