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A2 Music Video Brief     

1. What genre of music? Artist, song, record label, genre, sub-genre?



For my music video I decided to take song ‘Hit me like a man’ made by an alternative rock band, The Pretty Reckless. The whole EP was recorded by Interscope Records, which is owned by Universal Music Group. This song doesn’t have an original music video and I see it as a good thing, as I will be able to create my own story, without looking back at original idea.

2. Describe style, ethos of artist/band.


The Pretty Reckless chose perfect name for the describing their band style. They give an impression of people, which like parties, alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Taylor Momsen is a wild child. Her make-up is always very strong and in dark colours. Also she doesn’t mind to pose topless for posters, it shows her as a reckless person. Some videos of hers also are quite open and scandalous. By choosing this style and music genre Taylor shows herself as a powerful, controlling female. Stereotypically rock is a male genre, as it is very aggressive. In this case Taylor Momsen is rebel, as she stands up against woman stereotypes represented by all the pop music. She shows that woman is not just about sexy appearance.

For her inspiration she listens mostly for classic rock, starting from the Beatles and the Who ending with artists such as Marlin Manson.

Other members of the band are Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins. They are not taking part in the marketing campaign of The Pretty Reckless; Taylor Momsen took this part on herself. However, their look still represents their band in alternative rock style. They perform live, as it makes them closer to their audience and show them that they are real people.

3. Describe content, narrative and themes of lyrics.

(Song doesn’t have an official music video)

“Hit Me Like A Man” 

 I am strong, but love is evil

 It’s a version of perversion that is only for the lucky people

 Take your time and do with me what you will

 I won’t mind, you know I’m ill, you know I’m ill

 So hit me like a man and love me like a woman

 Buried and sad, look me in the eyes, I want it

 One will give you hell, one will give you heaven

 Hit me like a man, love me like a woman

 Love me like a woman

  Love is strong, but I am evil

 You are wrong, about me

 Take your time, ah, play with me until

 You can hear the children scream, like their stuck inside a dream

 That you, ah, will

 So hit me like a man, love me like a woman

 Bury me alive, I can see it in your eyes, you want it

 Some will give you pain, some will give you pleasure

 Hit me like a man, love me like a woman

 Love me like a woman

 Don’t you run away, run away from me, I will run away from you

 Don’t you run away, run away from me, I will run away from you

 Hit me like a man, love me like a woman

 From the devil deep inside, can’t you see what I’m wanting?

 Some will give you hell, some will give you heaven

 So hit me like a man, love me like a woman

 Love me like a woman

 Love me like a woman

 Love me like a woman

The whole song has something evil, sick and dark in it. On interview with Perez Hilton, Taylor Momsen said that this song is about mixing pleasure with pain. It lies on the top and we can easily say it just by looking at the part when Taylor sings ‘Do with me what you will, I won’t mind, you know I’m ill’. However, everyone will find different interpretation of this song.

For example, abusive relationships, in which man dominates and woman can’t do anything with that. He can hit her, but she won’t say anything, because she believes in his love. Sometimes, in this situations man can convince woman, that it is all her fault and he is forced to do that. It is about domestic violence and it shows that females always can get free, if they will want it. This song supposed to encourage females, having unhealthy relationships to end them. It inspire them to go against stereotypes and live a happy life.

  1. Describe photographic/location ideas/concepts/styles, band name ideas for print work

christina-aguilera-bionic-cd-cover-album-art    NO_USE_FOR_A_NAME500    81in-kHHlzL._SL1402_

I want to make everything very simple and light. For my print works I wanted to use minimalistic, simple styled photo, which will be supported with graphic design. It will help me to produce interesting and at the same time very simple print works. It will be quite depressive album it is why I was thinking to use dark colours for all the print works. ‘Hit me like a man’ song will be a perfect fit for this album. Overall all print works supposed to look gothic but very stylish. It will represent what kind of content people should expect from my album. The style of my album will attract in some ways angry, but very active females.

Name of the album, also has to be gloomy, it is why I was thinking about names for my album like ‘Falling apart’ or ‘Cocaine tears’. However band name has to neutral. It is why something like ‘Contagious’

  1. General treatment

My video will consist of two parts, which are narrative, and on scene parts. I was planning to shot narrative’s main part in the bedroom. It has to be quite messy and dark, as it will represent the mood and theme of the song. Also I see mess as a representation of relationships between main characters. It will strongly support the lyrics of the song.


The whole narrative will be about abnormal, unhealthy relationships and that woman can get rid of them. To avoid making regular music video about love problems, I decided to make it with some arty bits.

Because of the song mood, this video can’t be shown in full colours. I was thinking about using black and white colours. However, because of the scene line, which will be shown in full colours, black and white effect might look very cheap and tasteless. Not to let that happened I would use other video filters, which will fit both, content and visual part of the video.

My music video will suggest real life story, as it will show to my TA that singer understands or even had this kind of situation. It will help them to feel like a part of the band, will make audience and band closer. For people who didn’t have this situations story itself will be interesting, as there will be vision as my artist tells to its TA personal story. It will also affect people having unhealthy relationshi same it is why all the costumes will be simple, casual clothes.

For scene part I will have to have all the band props like big speakers, drums and guitars. Also I will need special lights and smoke on the scene, to make it looks like a real concert shoots. It won’t be very problematic to organize, as our school has all of that.

For my narrative part I don’t need any special props, as it has to look real. For the bedroom, I was thinking to use hotel room, with empty alcohol bottles and underwear lying around.

For this video I need to have beautiful, mysterious and spicy female actress. She has to be sexy and a little bit gothic at the same time. She doesn’t have to wear anything special for this music video, as I want it to look as real as possible. Also it is very important, that she feels very confident about herself and doesn’t have any stage or camera problems. I am thinking to use same actress in both parts of my music video, as it will be less complicated for my audience.

The biggest issue for me is that I need to find male actor. He has to be handsome and look mature. Otherwise, visually my music video will look fake and cheap. Because of the same reasons he has to be a good actor. Second problem for me is to find drummer for my live part of the music video.

  1. Real media examples of similar products – give examples?
  • similar videos

In this video I like that rock genre is combined with arty style. It is what I want to do in my music video. It looks very creative and is different from other rock music videos, it what makes it remarkable. Also make up of Taylor Momsen in this video is very close to one I imagine on my actress.

I was very lucky to find this video, as I had almost the same idea for the end of my music video. My actress will also go to stage, by that I will tie up together live and narrative parts.

This video has completely different genre. However the scene in the bath is something I wanted to make. I think it looks very beautiful and creative.

In this video Green Day used similar filter to one I want to use. It makes video darker, without actually taking away the colours (how black and white filter would do).

  • similar album covers

Made by Make Me Wanna Die 11 81in-kHHlzL._SL1402_

All the album covers of Pretty Reckless are similar by the style to one I want to make. The are very simple and eye-catching. However, for my cover i want to use more graphic design, to make it more stylish.

godputasmileui8 coldplay-a-rush-of-blood-to-the-head-album-cover 246_1198946520



I very like the simplicity of the Coldplay album covers. They are very plain, but they have lots of graphic design in there and it makes them very attention-grabbing. Also I like the black and white colours usage, it looks mature, simple and light. However, because of my music genre, this colour palette will be to soft.

  • similar adverts, and in which magazines?


green day

I like concept of all Green Day and Kills magazine advertising. It is very simple and has lots of graphic design in it. Also I like the colours they use. These colours are very basic, but powerful. Lots of people associate them with rock music, as it brings feeling of danger and love at the same time.

4228259 4887499 imagesCAOJD4HO

I also sympathize these music adverts. They don’t have lots of graphic design in them, it is why they look very light. I also like colour palette used for these advertisings, these are rock colours.

  1. Target Audience?

For the better image I have to make some extra research on my target audience. However it is what I’m aiming to target at.

General target audience for my CD are females between 15 and 25. I see them as a rebellious people, who like to party and socialize. They have wide range of hobbies, but they are most likely to play some music instruments, as by that they feel connected with their favorite singers and bands. Most part of my target audience are very interested in music and art, they are very creative and arty.

Because of the wide target audience, they all have different education and occupation. Most likely that they are studying in college or university. Some of my target audience have part time job or they might be doing placement in university.

Because of the age range in my audience they are likely to have different styles. However, it is most likely to be mature, glam rock style with glamour, sexy bits in it. They favour Converse to high heels and are not fans of nice dresses with flowers on them, because they prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts.

My Target Audience is more likely to be also customers of magazines like Pull and Bear, Zara and River Island. They are very fashionable and quite cheap.

They are very sociable and internet and phones help them with that. They use different apps to communicate with their friends and post different photos. They use programs like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They like watching channel 4 and NME TV. However, they prefer computer to television, as now, in Internet, they can find all the songs and movies they want.

They like watching all the different types of TV shows, but particularly ones like Dexter and House Md. These TV dramas are  smart and interesting.

My target audience reads magazines like Kerrang, NME and Mojo and prefer watching new music videos on YouTube.

  1. Consumption

My Target Audience doesn’t watch TV a lot, but then they do, in is usually NME channel. They are most likely to watch it in the evening time, after school and different extracurricular activities. It is more likely that my Target Audience will see advertising in the internet, as they are spending loads of time searching through it. They usually are going on the web-sites like YouTube and Facebook, so it will be the best place for placing advertising. Also, they are reading magazines like Mojo, Kerrang and NME. It is one more good opportunity to advertise new album to my Target Audience. Also as my TA are females it is possible to advertise my band through different make-up and perfume. Also my target audience like to party, so they go to different gigs and there is possibility that they use or once tried drugs. TA of my album is less radical then people who listens to indie music. They don’t have any strong political views and are not having very different, alternative lifestyle.