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Magazine Advert– Deconstruction skills

green day-1

1. Overall Design

This advertising promotes American Idiot album, seventh studio album by the American punk rock band Green Day. Main target audience is attracted by this advert, due to its rebellious appearance. Mid-shot of Billie Armstrong shows his emotions and intention. Target audience will see their idol enjoying his music and will be interested in buying this CD, to experience same feeling. This advert has masculine and aggressive colour palette of red black and white. It represents this album as conventional, classic therefore quality alternative rock album. Font supports genre of Green Day and band style, shows them as disobedient people. Font style of Green Day writing makes this writing to stand out and makes it the most noticeable element of this advert. It is due their band brand name and popularity, people will be attracted by it and encouraged to read this advert. Target audience is attracted to this advert, as they have similar style and interests.

2. Text

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.33.06First thing readers of the magazine will notice on this advert will be a band name, as it is written with bold, clear, capital letters. This font makes writing masculine and heavy. Also this writing is a little bit shabby, what gives it feeling of antiquity and makes it look more rebellious as this writing looks similar to graffiti. It will attract target audience of Green Day, as first of all band name will stand out and Green Day’s fans will be caught by it. Moreover, Antique and rebellious look of the writing will suggest Green Day as a good old rock band, it will attract more people to this advertising.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.34.20

Second thing readers will pay attention to, will be a name of one of the featuring song of the album, ‘Wake me up when september ends’. It is written in dull, disorganized font which reminds me of graffiti. It supports font of band name and overall advert look.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-27 в 18.34.38

Two columns under song name features new singles in this CD and gives more information about the album. All the information is written in clear font, with the quite small letters and some key words and key information (release dates etc.) is highlighted in red colour. This column also has little promotion in it, which is written in same font, with a little bit bigger letters. Almost everything is written in white, except some words, which were highlighted in red. These colours contrast well with the black/grey, which makes them stand out. Also this colour palette is quite aggressive and masculine, it supports genre of this album and attracts correct TA, as it suggests content of this album.

3. Band branding

This advert represent Green Day as rebellious band. This advert has conventional colour palette and chosen font shows their belonging to the street and possibly street crime (graffiti, fights etc.). This font also represent that band members have hasty character. Appearance of Billie on the chosen photo shows him as a person who like to drink, smoke and use drugs. It is due his hair which look messy and he has bristle. Moreover his alternative, rock style is supported with inherent make up. All of that supports overall band style, as Green Day and Billie Armstrong are famous of being violent, explosive and passionate. Also, this photo shows him performing on the stage, it suppose to encourage their TA to buy tickets on their concert, as it is main way for them to make money. However, ‘Make Poverty History’ promo shows to their TA that they care and want to make our world better, it shows them more as mature people.

4. Graphics & Photography

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.31.28

A little bit shabby photo of Billie Armstrong performing was used as a background for this advert. It is quite conventional for rock, so it straight forward suggests the genre. Also this effect and font used look antique, old. Font is also shabby, with some cracks and it looks like old graffiti. It suggests that this album is a good quality one. Also aggressive, masculine rock colour palette supports the idea of ‘American Idiot’ album being classic, conventional alternative rock. They make each other to stand out and suggest rock music. Red and black colours shows anger, danger, passion and brutalism, while white suggests freedom. Even though this photograph doesn’t relate to the album name, it represent the Green Day, as Billie Armstrong is a face of this band and it shows music style. Billie Armstrong has a rebellious appearance on this photo, as he has spiky, a little bit wet hair, bristle and he used eyeliner. It looks alternative and suggests music style. Moreover it will attract TA, as they have similar taste, style etc. Billie looks very intense on this photo, what suggests that he is interested in his music and he enjoys to perform. It encourages TA to buy this CD, as they want to feel the same and be closer to him. His facial expression suggests that this album is good. Moreover, photo of him performing live also shows that music is good and original, it is not POP music, where voice is changed by computer, it is actually a good music.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.54.03

This advertising has few extra images, which are there to support visually some information. In the left bottom corner there are three supporting images. Two of them are the same as background of this ad. In the right bottom corner there are image of the album corner. It will help TA to understand how this album looks like, so then they will find it easier. All the thumbnails on this poster fit this poster perfectly,as they have same colour palette of red, black and white.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 21.56.39Some graphical furniture is there to provide readers with extra information. For example it gives two web-sites where TA can find out some more information. It gives website of Green Day and Make Poverty History organization. After there is also a logo of Make Poverty History organization, which suggest that Green Day works with them and encourage people to check what is that about.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-31 в 22.04.01Last graphical feature on this page is a logo of the Reprise Records, American record label, which recorded ‘American Idiot’.

CD Cover Design – Deconstruction skills


1. Overall Design

By looking at this cover art, potential TA will be able to understand what this CD is about. It has dark, criminal look, The Kills looks rebellious on it. This cover is simple yet striking and suggest that their music is the same. Their music about the contact and attitude, therefore the art work is the same. The Kills don’t want to look polished, they are nonchalant and rebelling against mainstream conventions. In all ways musically, stylistically and even promotionally they are trying to show themselves in alternative indie way. This cover has two photos of the band members, where they look very rough. Both photos remind me of ones, which criminals are getting in the police station after arrest. By looking at this cover TA will see dangerous, uncontrollable, loud people, who like to fighting, enjoys taking drugs and love alcohol. Also, guy is holding money in his hand in a way it looks like he is a big gambler. Bruise under his eye suggests that these money he got illegally. TA will be interested in it as they are willing to be like The Kills in some way, they want to be rebellious and not frightened of anything. They like the idea of them and their idols  sharing same interests and having similar lives. This cover tells us about The Kills style of life and about their personalities. This cover shows content of this CD, style of music and gives rough image of lyrics content.

2. Text

There are no much text or any promotions on this cover page, it tells people, that The Kills are targeted on those, who appreciate good music, not good promotions. Font chosen for the band’s name, shows that this CD is not targeted on particular, male or female, gaze. It is written in bold, with capital letters which shows that it is quite masculine. However, it is just another way to show content of this CD, one more way to show that it is targeted on rebellious, indie people. Chosen font style reminds me of American gangster movies, which are all about fights and money. It is strongly supported with photos used for this CD package. However, even though that it has retro feel about it, it also has a 1930s style added to it. Moreover, this cover looks a little bit odd and has a out fashioned feel about it, which is not exactly what TA will expect from The Kills. From the other hand, being non-mainstream and unconventional is what band is trying to do. Golden colour used for the font, is mature and again, is a reference to gold and money. The album name ‘NO WOW’ is a part of the photo. Alison Mosshart is holding piece of paper, covering her eyes with NO WOW written on it. This photo remind me of one people get in the police station. They used handwriting for the album name and it looks a little bit messy, like it was quite random. It represents them like spontaneous people, who like to take risk. Also, it make potential TA to read band name first, as it written with the bigger letter, which stand out on this cover.

3. Band branding

Band was represented on this cover, as rebellious people, who like to break the law. They look like people who do drugs and have criminal record. Cover style has strong rock influence, but golden colour makes it a little bit more indie and alternative. Also contrasted black and white shows that The Kills are rebellious and dangerous. This contrast made this photo looks a little bit like graffiti, it made this cover more alternative. However, album name didn’t influence cover that much. ‘NO WOW’ can be interpreted in lots of different ways. This cover might show some kind of sequence between two of those photos. Alison is holding a paper with ‘NO WOW’ written on it, while Jamie holding cash in his hands. It looks like ‘NO WOW’ is some kind of reaction on cash. Also, guitarist has a bruise under his eye, what suggests that he got money illegally. Moreover, on the Alison’s photo, she looks a little bit like prisoner. It can suggest their future in some ways.

4. Graphics & Photography

This cover doesn’t have any graphics in it. Two images are changed in Photoshop to black and white with the high contrast. Black and white colours represent the genre and mood of the CD, it looks dangerous and aggressive. However, golden softened it and made cover more alternative. All of that shows and supports context of the album. Photos on the cover also represent style of The Kills and content of this particular album. Band looks dangerous, indie and rebellious on these photos. They are shown in this way through their poses and props. Jamie Hince holding money, in the way like he got it illegally. Also he has on this photo it looks like he has a bruise under his eye, what makes him looks more brutal. By holding this paper, Alison reminds me of the person arrested by the police, for drugs or alcohol, even though she holds the paper in the different way. Both of them look dangerous in those images, outside the law. It helps to reflect their attitude and character. I don’t think that cover was inspired by the album name, but it looks harmonic.

CD Cover Design – Deconstruction skills


1. Overall Design

The cover art for A Rush of Blood to the Head was designed by photographer Solve Sundsbo. He was featured in one publication, where Chris Martin saw the image and approached Sundsbo for permission to use the image as the cover of A Rush of Blood to the Head. It was second album of Coldplay and was released on August 2002.

This cover has a very simple colour palette, it looks clean, minimalistic, but stays very interesting and eye-catching. It has technological feel in it, as Solve wanted to create something that hasn’t been done before, so he used three-dimensional scanning machine. By mistake half of the head was chopped, as machine only scanned 30 centimeters. This photograph looks very unconventional, modern and different. It is one of the reason, of why TA will be attracted to this cover. This photo is a perfect fit for the album name, as it looks like half of the head was blown because of the blood pressure. This photo makes potential TA to stop and think about the meaning of the photo. It will also interest target audience of Coldplay, as they are arty, creative people. They are interested in graphic design and they like to be different. This particular cover will attract these people because it is as different, as they are. Its unconventional design represent Coldplay’s nature, TA can undrstand that they are alternative and creative band and their music is very abstract and arty. It shows that Coldplay are not that interested in self-promotion, music is more important for them. It shows that they are not about looks, but about lyrics and emotions.


Снимок экрана 2013-10-11 в 16.32.25

The only writing we can see on the front of the CD package is band name and name of their album. Absence of promotional text makes this cover look expensive, minimalistic and mature. Also, it make people concentrate on the image. For the same reason the only text they have on the cover, is written with the very neat and simple font. Capital letters of the font suppose to put masculinity into the cover, but the chosen font makes it more relaxed and indie, suggesting the nature of the band. Group name is written with the black font, which highly contrasts with the background, it encourages TA to read the band name first. For the album name brown-gray colour was used, it doesn’t contrast that much with white colour and is quite mature colour. This colour suggests who is potential TA of this album, as it is only colour except black and white on this cover, but it still stays very calm and simple.

3. Band branding

This cover art represent Coldplay, as creative, artistic people, colours and image concept shows them, as calm and mature band. This cover suggests that they are modern, technological and inventive, as photo looks very different due to technology used for its creation. They don’t want to be iconized by people, as they are far more worried about songs, then their looks, it is why it is not a band photo on their album cover. Also, we can see that there are no any promotion on the CD package and just a little bit of text. It shows that Coldplay are targeting on mature people, truly interested in good music. Also, name of the album represent Coldplay, as abstract band. “A Rush of Blood to the Head” is quite unconventional name and chosen logo is a perfect fit. Moreover band, their record company and management see their music art form holistically. Coldplay’s artwork, stage shows and band’s ethos is a one thing, therefore visual representation of what the album and the content means to them has to be reflected through their artwork.

4. Graphics & Photography

For creating this image Solve Sundsbo used three-dimensional scanning machine. It created something, what never has been done before, therefore it was extremely different and arty. This machine was able to scan just 30 centimeters, it is why it chopped top part of the head. Also computer could not read the colours so it was replaced with spikes. This image fit perfectly the album name, and makes it even more intriguing by used colours, as they are very sophisticated. There is a link between album name ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ and graphical cover image, as this picture looks a little bit like a medical scan. Moreover, the fact that just a part of the head was scanned, shows that album name works with this image on different levels. This image has technological, modern feel in it, as it is very graphic and different.  These colours made photo looks very calm and simple, what is contradicting to the album name. This contradiction makes this cover even more interesting and exciting. For the album cover, Coldplay used original photo made by Solve for the fashion magazine Dazed & Confused in the late 1990s. The fact that they used this photo for their album cover, says that Coldplay don’t want to show themselves off, their band is about good music and lyrics. Also it shows that they want to stand out, as they want to differentiate their band by an artistic approach. Because of their stylized cover, TA will be interested in buying this album, as it makes them question what is it all about. It also attracts them, as it is different, minimalistic and alternative.


1. Lyrics:

“Karma Police”

Karma police, arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He’s like a detuned radioKarma police, arrest this girl
Her Hitler hairdo is
Making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

Karma police
I’ve given all I can
It’s not enough
I’ve given all I can
But we’re still on the payroll

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get when you mess with us

For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself

Name of this song refer to the Hindu theory of cause and effect, also known as karma. Most of Radiohead songs are very abstract, it allows audience to interpret it in their own way. This song  is sarcastic and has political theme, which is dissatisfaction with capitalism. First verses says ‘arrest this man, he talks in maths’. Capitalism does not protect civil rights such as freedom of speech and expression. There is defined model of person with certain political views and interests. Karma police, in this case stands for people obligated to make citizens follow these codes. When Thom Yorke sings ‘arrest this girl her Hitler hairdo is making me feel ill’, he is being sarcastic saying that there are also specific requirements for persons appearance.
Also it might be a reference to a modern fashion and morals. Society don’t like people with different views, people who are different. In modern society people who differentiate from majority usually are being rejected.
Political interpretation of choirs, which is ‘This is what you get x3, when you mess with us’, represent government power. Even if it is democracy in the country, you can’t go against government. The example will be Putin and ‘The Pussy Riot’ situation. What they did was hooliganism and it had to be prosecuted. However, punishment they got was too big for what they did. They got it because of the government fear of disobedience. These verses say that we are not in position to stand out against government, as they are powerful and can harm us. When he sings ‘I’ve given all I can, It’s not enough, I’ve given all I can, but we’re still on the payroll’, he says that he is depended on government. Verses ‘For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself’ talk about government wish to suppress individuals. Yorke sings that he lost his identity. There is strong reference to 1984 by George Orwell. This novel talks about public mind control by government, how individualism and independent thinking was prosecuted and finally, how government forcibly can make people to change their believes, political views and even feeling for particular person.
Video is not that important in this case, as lyrics themselves give loads of information. However in this video they used 1976 Chrysler New Yorker. It confirms theory of referring to George Orwell’s novel, as that car was quite popular in 1984. However video gives audience different theory about meaning of this song.

2. Narrative:

Music video is not as abstract as lyrics of the song. However, it is quite unconventional, as most part of it is just one cut. In the video they referring to karma, by showing that Hindu theory was right and people will pay for their doings.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-06 в 15.07.26

Video has three characters, faceless driver, guy chased by the car and Thom Yorke on the back seat. Most part of the video was just one cut of the faceless driver chasing a guy. Sometimes camera was panning, showing Thom. Next cut was shot from another perspective, close up shows audience face of the chased guy, he looks frightened. Eventually he can’t run anymore and he falls on the ground, ready to face the death. However eye-line match shows audience that he sees a petrol leaking from the car. Chased man gets matches from the pocket, lights one and throw it down. Car slowly catches the fire and camera pans to the back seat again and the are no Thom anymore, he disappeared. It might represent that karma police helped the man to fight back. Also, if car is a metaphor for karma fire proves that government  still has all the power and even karma cant pay them back.

I would say that guy with the bad karma was faceless driver and Thom Yorke was Karma police in this situation, as in the end of this video he disappears from the car. He brought justice into this world.

There are loads of ways to interpret this music video. One more is that man in the suit represent people who run the country, politicians, dictators, government. They are doing loads of wrong things, they are selfish and greedy. In this case politician was chased by the karma. However, man in a suit is powerful and eventually he is a winner. It shows that government has all the power in the world and nothing can stop them from what they are doing.

3. Costume/makeup:

Снимок экрана 2013-10-06 в 15.11.18

In this video we can see two characters. One is wearing a suit, which is ripped and dirty. He is being chased by a car with Thom Yorke on the back seat. He dressed casually, in t-shirt and black, leather jacket. Costumes define target audience for this song, it is targeted on mature people.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-06 в 15.13.10

Appearance of the chased guy affects music video, as he looks like office worker and it brings in new theory about music video meaning. It seems like office worker is trying to run away from his boss who pressures him. Even in interview Thom Yorke says, “It’s for someone who has to work for a large company. This is a song against bosses”.

Also, suit can represent government chased by the karma police.

4. Performance:

Thom Yorke played passenger on the back seat of 1976 Chrysler New Yorker. He looked very unemotional, what was a big contrast to the emotions shown by the chased guy, who was very terrified. When it was lip singing, Thom was almost mumbling his lyrics, it shows that he is not surprised by everything what is happening around and he is kind of used to all of that. Moreover, in the end of the music video, when car catches the fire he disappears. All of that might mean, that he is Karma police, he is used to all these things and it doesn’t scares or surprise him anymore.

Another character of this video is a chased guy. Audience can clearly see that he is terrified and he almost ready to give up. His acting make audience to stand on his side and want to protect him, even though that he doesn’t have nicest appearance.

Their performance help audience to take a right side in the narrative and feel everything what happens in the music video.

5. Camera/lighting:

Снимок экрана 2013-10-06 в 15.08.21

For the first half of this video, static camera was used, which time out of time was panning on the back seat showing Thom. This big cut made music video more unconventional. Yorke was changing his seating position each time camera was panning on him, it showed him from the different angles. Second time camera showed him in a close-up, but there were hardly any emotions seen. Getting back to the idea that Thom Yorke was one of the Karma police, it is getting clear that purpose of that close-up was to show absence of any emotions on his face, as he is already used to that. As a contrast to it they used close up of the chased guy, who was terrified for his life.

Video style is based on the internal spinning arc shot and the POV of the car. This kind of shooting style gave car a personality. It seems like it is not just a vehicle, but something more, like it was a metaphor for the karma police.

In the scene, when chased guy fells on his knees and there is a car standing behind him. First expression is that car is a bad character, because it will run over the guy. However light represent good, in this particular situation it shows that first of all chased guy is good, as light creates some kind of angel wings behind his back. Guy is in light as well, while everything behind is dark.

Moreover, night time of the shooting was picked, to show that there is something illegal going on. It is a crime and no one can see it. If the same music video will be shot in day time, it will have completely different impact on audience. Also, chosen location supports this suggestion, as it is isolated. Nobody is there, so nobody will see the crime.

6. Edit, Special FX and overdubbed sound:

Opening scene of this music video has non-music sound element in it, which is sound of the steps. It suggests that someone is coming to the car, but I don’t think that it has big influence on this music video. There are also not that much of editing going on, because of the use of long cut. However pace of edit goes with tempo of the song.

Combined absence of all of that with the narrative, shows audience, that this music video was shot in the old, American gangster movie style. It bring brutality to this music video and helps audience to understand narrative better.


This music video is designed neither for male or female gaze, theme of the song and video is very different, so there is no need to attract particular sex to this music video.

Radiohead are known for their abstract lyrics and music videos. They represent themselves as wise, smart and deep-thinking people. Also in this music video they show that they are open-minded and mature, it is represented by the theme of the video.

Yorke is known for his performance, emotionless, alternative play style is his trade mark. This performance is a clear representation of of the bands lyrics, which often can be challenging. This performance also represents Radiohead, as alternative band. On the time when most part of the bands are trying to show emotions in a very straight way, Radioactive want their TA to get it themselves.

This music video represent big part of Radiohead’s target audience, as chased guy stand for office worker, being pressured by his boss. Also, it shows people that there is something we don’t know about like karma. So, people have to think carefully about their decisions.

Also, concept of this video and the song represent band as a left wing supporters, going against capitalism. Lyrics are supporting this idea very strongly and it attracts people having same views as a band.

8.Target audience:

I would say that first of all theme of the song defines its target audience. It is mature and deep, to fully understand this song, person has be educated enough and has to have a wide range of interests (politics, literature and spiritual knowledges, etc.). They will be attracted with the idea carried by this song. Audience of Radiohead and this song in particular have to be open-minded for the

Chased guy in the music video was dressed in the suit. As target audience of Radiohead are mature people, they will be familiar with the office dress-code and might feel themselves closer to the character, as the know how is it to be pressured by bosses.

9. Intertexuality:

As i mentioned earlier, lyrics of this song refer to Hindu theory of cause and effect. Also, there is a reference to the 1984 novel, as lyrics of this song have strong political references. They are talking about freedom of expression and speech, which government is trying to take of us, as they want to get rid of individuals and people who think differently. It is why target audience particularly for this song would be people with wide range of interests, open-minded and well educated people. This song shows their political views and view on way of life, as they are referring to spiritual things like karma. It is why in the narrative they also referring to the Hindu theory. Also, this music video has very strong reference to old American gangster movies, in which victim will be chased on the car nighttime and then bury in shallow graves.



(Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x3

I… I can’t get these memories out of my mind.

And some kind of Madness,

Has started to evolve, mmm.

And I… I tried so hard to let you go.

But some kind of Madness,

Is swallowing me whole, yeah.

I have finally seen the light.

And I… have finally realized.

What you mean…

Oh oh oh

And now, I need to know if it’s real love.

Or is it just Madness,

Keeping us afloat, mmm.

And when I look back, at all the crazy fights we have,

Like some kind of M-m-madness,

Was taking control, yeah.

And now I have finally seen the light,

And I… have finally realized,

What you need, mmm.

(Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x2

And now I have finally seen the end,

(I have seen the end)

And I’m… I’m expecting you to care,

(Expecting you to care)

And I… have finally seen the light,

(Have finally seen the light)

And I… have finally realized,



Come to me,

Trust in a dream,

Come on and rescue me.

Yes, I know, I can’t be wrong,

Baby, you’re too head-strong.

Our love is…

(Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad) x4

Theme of these lyrics is love. Muse sing about that period after breaking up, when you can’t stop thinking about past relationships and you can’t let that person go, doesn’t matter how hard you will try. Pain of the heartbreak makes you question everything you done and you start to think that everything you done was wrong. When Matthew Bellamy sings ‘Mu-mu-mu-mad-mad-mad’ in the begging of the song, it reminds me of the sound of heartbeat, which is very fast, because of the adrenaline. Also at that time we can see projected photos on the wall, which afterwards will refer to the memories of his relationships. Video is shot in dark, blue colours with some spots of pinkie-red. Dark, blue colours represent sadness, depression, which main character feel. Red colours stand for the pure love.

Before his first performance of this song alive, Matthew said that he wrote it after he got in a really big fight with Kate Hudson, his fiancée at that time. She left him alone to think about their relationships. After Matthew wrote this song and he said that it is his favorite one, as it is most personal and emotional for him. So originally this song is about the moment when he realized all mistakes he made and he asks her to come back and give him one more chance.


Overall, theme of this music video is love and how easy it is to lose the person you love. How sometimes our ego can break something what is much more important. It talks about the fact, that while we have person next to us, we don’t appreciate what he does for us. However, people usually realize it, when it is already too late.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-03 в 8.57.56

Music video starts with the two shot of man and woman sitting back to back to each other, smoking and waiting till the fight outside will be over. I think it is representation of broken relationships, as they both are sitting relaxed and doing nothing, when it looks like they have to react on everything what happens. Fight with policemen shows their inner fight between what is right and wrong. It makes this video very abstract and more interesting, as it encourage people to watch it over and over again to find something new. Also it makes audience feel more personal to this song, as they will see in this music video something what is closer to them.

When Matthew sings ‘I have finally realized’, in narrative part police are getting over hooligans. It represents that main character realized his mistakes and got rid of wrong thoughts.


Снимок экрана 2013-10-03 в 8.54.03
Woman in this video is dressed very provocative, but it looks very tasteful and doesn’t look cheap. She has very short and open dress, which suggests that probably video was made for the male gaze. Band in this video is dressed in a dark casual clothes. First of all it is for the audience to concentrate on the narrative part. I think that these costumes are not related to narrative that much, but they are there to support visual, esthetic part of the video.
Woman in this music video doesn’t have any special make-up. Her make-up shows her as a mature sexy female, it makes her look a little bit wild, it shows her as a free woman. We can clearly see that she is not one of  the housewives, she is rebellious. She is seeking for attention, as it is possible that she doesn’t get enough from her partner.
All of that doesn’t affect narrative much, but it allocates target audience of muse. It shows their style and their preferences. It represent Muse as a mature band.
Main actors in this music video are very attractive, it gives to this video expensive look. Because of model actors, this video does’t look very real, it has American glossy feel in it.


This music video has narrative and ‘live’ parts. Main characters are played by actors in this music video. I think it is made this way for the visuals, as this music video is supposed to be very stylish. From the one hand, this kind of divide between narrative and ‘live’ parts makes song less personal. From the other hand it might allow audience to feel this story better, as audience will see actors as simple people and not famous singers.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-03 в 10.03.00

Снимок экрана 2013-10-03 в 10.03.14
Actors in narrative part don’t show any emotions almost for the whole music video, they subtly suggesting the emotion, until the end. It makes the end bit even more emotional. I think that fight behind them is made especially for that. It represent actors feelings and emotions. It is possible that it is made as a suggestion of people behavior in their relationships. They are trying to show others that they are alright, when actually there is a big fight going on inside of them. The only emotion which actress will show will be screaming almost in the end of the music video. She will scream, while Matthew Bellamy sings ‘I NEED TO LOVE’. It is a break down of this particular music video, as it shows real emotions of the main character.
‘Live’ part of this video is shot in a very unusual place, it is not on the stage, but more like it is located within the mise-en-scene of narrative. However, it is shown, as if band were invisible. It blurs the lines between the narrative and performance. It helps this video to stay abstract, for audience to interpret it in their own way. Also live part with all the close-ups shows feelings of the singer, it makes this song more emotional and personal. Also, the song was written by Matthew in the time when he got in fight with his fiancee, it made it even more emotional and on the music video his performance was more sensitive.


Music video starts with two shot of woman and a man sitting in the train, it shows their connection. However they are sitting back to back to each other, what represents that there is something standing in-between of them. Also they cant see faces of each other, what shows that in their relationships they are not interested in each others feelings and thoughts. Next close-up shows man looking at the woman over his shoulder, it looks like he is actually want’s to change their relationships.

Снимок экрана 2013-10-04 в 11.17.23

For the most part of narrative camera was driven by main female character. It was shot with the dolly to make it smoother and neat, it showed her grace. She is represented like a woman for which you should fight as she is perfect. It is supported with considerable amount of close ups, which show all her beauty.

Live part of the music video is shot with the held camera effect, what represents instability and madness about which Matthew Bellamy is singing.

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Lightening plays very big part in this music video. Music video is quite dark and in blue tones, it represents state of the singer and main male actor. Depression, sadness… However red and pink lights shows audience their feelings, represent love. Also the flashes used for this video shows audience madness and chaos. Flashes used in this video helps audience to understand state of the main characters. They are similar to one used in parties, when people can’t really understand was going on. The same feel actors in this music video, they are lost and confused, as lightening adds dramatic feel to the video as it contrasting and shows the action of band and actors in melodramatic way. Moreover, these flashes and lights help to blur the lines between filmic lightening and live performance lightening.

All of that together works well in supporting narrative, theme and visuals of this video. It shows audience relationships between characters, opens their feelings and shows their state. Also lightening is very stylish, it supports their choice of actors, as overall makes it more fashionable.

Edit, Special FX and overdubbed sound:

This music video starts with the silent two shot scene, it makes audience to feel a little bit uncomfortable even though it is not completely silent. It represents emotions of the main characters, they feel uncomfortable with each other. In this video were used lots of cross fades, dissolves and superimpositions. It added hypnotic visual effects to the video. Also it is sympathetic to the style of the song, as it is quite unconventional, stylish and abstract. Also because of the song rhythm and style there are no quick camera movements, everything is very smooth, shoot with the dolly or tracking shot.

While couple sits in the train, there is a fight between police and hooligans outside, which is shown in slow motion. This fight represent their fight with themselves, between what is right and what is wrong. Also, slow motion exaggerates the drama of the fight, shows reactions, muse and actors performance. All of that emphasizes the Hollywood styling. Moreover, it goes well with the relaxed, slow and pensive tempo of the track.

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In this music video pace of edit was quite slow, it goes with the song tempo. However because of the flashes used, it looks like it is very fast. Pace  of the editing is fast closer to the end, when music slow. Also for this part they used shots of fight in slow motion. Combination of these makes audience to feel that something is wrong. At the same moment Matthew Bellamy sings ‘I have finally realized’, so by this kind of editing style audience can feel the same way as singer and main characters.
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Main character in this music video is sexy and beautiful female. They used exhibitionism here, as actress looks very vulnerable, but we know that she is charge in their relationships, she has all the power. She wares very open clothes, by that she exposes her body making men think about her sexuality. Also it shows that video was created for male gaze.

This video represents Muse as a real people, with real problems. They are popular band, but it won’t help them in their relationship problems, they have to deal with them as all the other people. Choice of location and costumes also helped with this task, it made this abstract video more real.

Target audience:

This video is targeted on mature tasteful and fashionable people. Visually this music video reminds clothes advertising, because of the model actors, it makes this video very esthetic and fashionable. Moreover, this clothes style is also very close to one, which prefers this TA. Location of this music video also is very close to their target audience. They are using undergrounds to travel all over the city, from their houses to their work. As target audience of Muse are esthetes, they will appreciate transformation of the part of their routine life. Also beginning of the video represent and attract their TA at the same time, as main characters in narrative part smoke and most part of Muse fans are smokers.

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This music video has reference to rioting in underground happened few years ago in London. It is familiar theme to everyone, as it was shown on the news all over the world. People know what it represent and it makes them feel in particular way. This reference suggest a moral edge to the song and it shows that Muse is aimed at the mature, globally aware people.