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The Pretty Reckless – Hit me like a man. Production List.

Filming dates

Live performance Alex, Tacie, Arina, Lilly 

  • Date and time: January 16th at 7:30
  • Location: Sibly hall
  • Equipment: Camera, tripod, dolly
  • Props: Lights, smoke machine, drums, guitars, drum sticks, microphone, mic stand, speakers
  • Costumes: Casual, alternative gothic rock style.

Narrative bedroom part –Alex, Tigran

  • Date and time: January 25th at 2 p.m.
  • Location: Lilly’s house
  • Equipment: Camera, tripod
  • Props: Alcohol, cigs, towel, ashtray, bed
  • Costumes: Casual, alternative rock

Narrative bath part:Alex

  • Date and time: January 21st at 3p.m or January 25th at 4p.m
  • Location: January 21st- Lampeter’s bathroom. January 25th at Lilly’s
  • Equipment: Camera, tripod
  • Props: Lampeter- nothing; Lilly’s- cigs
  • Costumes: White dress


This video will have very feministic vibe in it. It will encourage women to fight for their needs and show them that they have a voice and right to chose. It will have narrative part, bathroom part and live performance. In the end narrative and live performance parts will meet.

Narrative will tell audience a story about abusive relationships, and will suggest how women can change their position. However, end of this music video will show, that get rid of this kind of relationships is possible only if woman actually want’s it, because some may enjoy it in masochistic way.

Bathroom part will show main actress lying in the bath, dressed in something white. It will suggest a desire of getting clean, getting rid of those relationships and dirty thoughts.

Shot list

Sibly Hall:

  • Establishing shot of the scene with blinking lights on. Lights from behind of the stage. With Alex on the scene.
  • Establishing shot of the scene with blinking lights on. Lights from behind of the stage. Stage is empty.
  • Mid-shot of the guitarist.
  • Tracking shot of the whole band.
  • Close up of Alex singing
  • Long shot showing the whole band.
  • Tracking shot with few close ups on instruments and band members faces.
  • Close up of Alex singing. Lights are very soft, bluish.
  • Close up of Alex singing. Lights are red, blinking.
  • Mid-shot of Alex singing with guitarist on the background. Change focus from Alex on guitarist.
  • Mid-shot of Alex singing. Everything behind is blurred.
  • Long shot of the whole stage, showing the whole band.
  • On the stage, no band. Alex and Tigran fighting. Red lights. Smoke on the stage.
  • Close up of Alex singing
  • Tracking shot from the left side. In the end showing close up of the Alex
  • Close up of Alex
  • Long shot of the band from behind.
  • Tracking shot of Alex running towards the stage and going up the stairs, on the stage.
  • Tracking shot of Alex going towards the stage
  • Long shot of Tigran sitting alone in the audience.
  • Long shot of the same place where Tigran was sitting, without Tigran.
  • Mid-shot of Alex on the stage, looking confused.
  • Close up of Alex’s eyes
  • Close up of Tigran’s eyes


  • Establishing shot of the bedroom. Alex lying on the bed. Tigran is sitting next to the bed, on the floor.
  • Mid-shot of Alex using rule of thirds. Tigran sitting behind Alex, on the bed. Change of focus from Alex to Tigran.
  • Long shot of the bed. Couple on the bed.
  • Close up of the legs. Tigran on the beckground, sitting on the floor.
  • Mid-shot of couple kissing, hugging.
  • Mid-shot of Alex sitting on the bed and Tigran hugging her.
  • Aerial shot showing alex lying on the bed.
  • Aerial shot showing Tigran on top of Alex, trying to kiss her.
  • Long shot shows Alex, stood up from the bed
  • Long shot shows Alex picking up her clothes and putting it on.
  • Long shot shows Alex running out of the house.
  • Tracking shot shows Alex running.
  • Close up of her face while running. Tracking shot
  • Close up of her legs running. Tracking shot
  • Mid-shot of the couple fighting in the bedroom.
  • Tracking shot shows Alex running towards the building.
  • Long shot shot Alex opening a door.


  • Close up of the Alex face, wet hair.
  • Long shot shows Alex smoking in the bath.
  • Mid-shot of Alex sitting in the bath and then going under the water.

Cut aways:

  • Cut away on the Alex face, with eyes open, under the water
  • Cut away, showing lights on the stage playing on Alex face.

Edit ideas :

  • Overlay eyes. Tigrans eyes on top of Alexin the last bit of the music video.
  • Use colour effect post-production, to make video more dark, dramatic and emotional.
  • Video will start and end with the same shot

Production list

Locations List

  • Sibly hall
  • Bedroom- mature, a little bit messy, simple
  • Bathroom- simple, mature
  • Outside the Lilly’s house. Gothic styled house
  • Road- countryside road

Props List

  • Glasses; bottles of alcohol
  • Ashtray; fags; lighter
  • Towel
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Mic
  • Mic stand
  • Leads

Costume and Makeup

For live performance:

  • Alex – sexy rock, a little bit gothic ; makeup- smoky eyes (supposed to be in the same clothes everywhere, except bathroom part.
  • Band – typical rock but not to stand out as much as Alex

Narrative bathroom:

  • Alex- white dress ; makeup- smoky eyes

Narrative bedroom, outside the house and road:

  • Alex- Casual, rock style ; makeup- smoky eyes
  • Tigran- Casual, rock style ; makeup- NO makeup!

Technical kit

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Power cable
  • Lights x2
  • Gaffer tape
  • Cd player/speakers/amp/leads/power
  • Cd of track






Original photos









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Copyright letter

 Wycliffe College



GL10 2JQ


Interscope Records

2220 Colorado Ave,

Santa Monica,

CA 90404,

United States

Re: Wycliffe School – Music For:

Media Studies Music Video Coursework


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am producing a music videofor my A2 Coursework.

I understand that you are the owner of the copyright of the track “Hit me like a man” and I would like to ask permission to use it for my video.

Since we are on a limited budget and the video will be shown only to students and the administration of our school, we are hoping that you will allow us this use without any charge.  If this is not possible, please let us know what fee would be required for this use.

Your signature below, under “confirmed by,” will indicate that you will agree to permit this use without payment of a fee.  Please let us know if you have any questions concerning this license.  Also would you please let us know as soon as possible if this song cannot be licensed so that artistic changes may be made in the songs to be included in the production.

You can reach us in care of Mr Brown, Wycliffe College,

Thank you for your help with this matter and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Elizaveta Kildjaskina

Confirmed by:



Name of the Music Publisher