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Survey Analysis

What gender are you?

Female  72.73%

Male  27.27%

Majority of surveyed were females. Such a dramatic increase in female rock fans can be due boredom of pop and RnB imagery. Also, because of the increase in rock music popularity role models changed. Modern girls don’t want to be vounerable and cute, as they want to have their voice and dominate. It is why rebellious rock idols are closer to them then cute pop stars. These numbers are very good for me, as I was planning to target females. Rock is surprisingly popular within females in our time, for the last few years fans of rock music spread evenly among males and females. However it feels like there are still not enough bands targeting females. Today rock is seem to be genderless, however originally it was created for the male gaze it is why I suppose there are not enough artists and songs for female part of rock fans. Most part of songs is written for male gaze. Content and music videos suggest sex and drugs.

How old are you?

17-18  100%

Everyone who took part in my survey were around 17 and 18 years old. It was because of my survey was taken just from Six-Form students of Wycliffe College. There is possibility that these results don’t show bigger picture of all fans of rock music. However it is known that nowadays teenagers are big half of all rock music fans, as they see this music genre, as rebellious one, so this target audience has big potential. They feel close to artists, as they also want to have loud, interesting life. It will help me to narrow my choices for promotion and advertising places. Moreover, younger people are more interested in spending money on concerts, as they see it as an opportunity of having a good night out with their friends. Also they are more technological, so it allows me to target them on websites like Facebook, for example.

Do you like Rock music?

Yes  81.82%

No  18.18%

Vast majority of surveyed people like Rock music. It shows that this style of music has fans; therefore my album has a chance for success. Today’s fashion slowly goes from Hip-Hop style to rock fashion. All the big brands are targeting Rock and Indie fans now. As an example I will take Zara, extremely popular brand among teenagers including my target audience. For the last few years they changed their clothes style from Hip-Hop to Rock style. It was due extreme change in demand; customers were buying clothes in rock style. All of that shows that if I will create Rock album it will have a demand, as people will be interested in purchasing Rock styled album. I believe this increase in rock fans is also due rock music stereotype of being non-mainstream. People are used to seeing pop genre everywhere, including most part of ads and now they see it as a mainstream music genre. In order to differentiate and be non-mainstream they choose rock genre.

Which Rock styles do you like?

Alternative Rock  24.14%

Rock n’ Roll  17.24%

Soft Rock  13.79%

Grunge  10.34%

Punk Rock  10.34%

Classic Rock  10.34%

Other:  10.34%

Goth Rock  3.45%

The most popular Rock style turned out to be Alternative Rock, which is not surprising. Alternative bands like Artic Monkeys, Coldplay and Radiohead are extremely popular among teenagers. It is very fortunate as for my music video I chose American alternative rock band The Pretty Reckless. Alternative rock suggests street style lifestyle and being non-mainstream. My target audience wants to differentiate, however harder music styles are usually are too extreme and alternative for them.

Do you play any musical instruments?

Yes  36.36%

No, but I want to  36.36%

No  27.27%

Most part of my target audience plays or want to play some musical instruments. It shows that they are interested in live music and live performances. Therefore I will suggest that my target audience also will be interested in live performance part in music video. It shows that people are still interested in instrumental part of the song. Because of the new technology, instrumental music became non-mainstream music and it attracts my TA, as they want to stand out and differentiate. Moreover, musical instruments in this genre always were one of its main features, so having artist performing on the stage is very conventional thing for this music style. Also, music video with live performance will encourage people to buy tickets for gigs and festivals. It will help album and artist to get more fans and by that will be an extra marketing tool. Finally, it can expire more people to learn how to play music instruments.

What are your hobbies?

Art  19.35%

Music  19.35%

Photography  12.9%

Fashion  12.9%

Festivals  12.9%

Sport  9.68%

Clubbing  9.68%

Gaming  3.23%

My target audience like art, music, photography and fashion. All of that suggest what my TA will prefer to see in the music video. It will help me to interest them more effectively. Also, this question helps to find the best places for advertising and promoting my album. For example Gaming gain just 3.23%, so there is no point to advertise my album at gaming stores, web-sites and magazines, as my target audience is not attracted to it. However, in more artistic magazines ad of my CD will attract lots of people.

Do you own a smartphone?

Yes  100%

Everyone who took part in my survey own a smartphone. It shows that my target audience of young people are very technological. It gives me more ways of promoting my product for a larger audience. Also it gives an opportunity of creating special app related to my band, promoting new album and giving some extra bits of information about concert dates and their private lives. it allows marketing to be direct to them, with the help of Facebook, Twitter and special music apps. Target audience will sign up for feed, group or app, giving company some contact details, so they can send advertising directly to them.

How do you listen to music?

Phone  50%

iPod  22.22%

Radio  16.67%

CD player  11.11%

Half of my target audience are using phones for music consumption and only 16% are using radio. It shows that radio is not as popular among my target audience. It is due technology development, as new gadgets allow my target audience to reach music content easier. It means that advertising of my album won’t be successful on the radio, as just minority of my target audience listen to it. CD format is even less popular among my target audience. All of that shows dramatic decrease in popularity of both radio and CD formats. These formats now are dying out, as new technology provide people with more convenient and ease way of music consumption. However, importance of a good artwork didn’t decrease, as now, audience associate artwork with music on iTunes and smartphones. If few years ago, artwork was important, as it was attracting its target audience in music shops, now it attracts them in online stores. Moreover, popularity of smartphones for music consumption gives an opportunity for promotion of my album, by iTunes vouchers and apps.

How do you buy music?

I don’t (illegal downloads)  54.55%

iTunes  36.36%

CD  9.09%

These results shows that among my target audience CD are very unpopular. People prefer to download their music without having a hard copy of it, as it is much easier these days. It shows that CD promotions for my album won’t attract lots of people, however iTunes vouchers for some songs featuring in my album will. Moreover, results shows that over 50% of people don’t pay for their music. It is shocking result, as we can see that people in our time are not aware of harm of piracy. I believe it shows that special campaigns has to be created in order to explain that piracy is killing media industry, as these results shows that majority of people are unaware of that.

Where do you watch music videos?

YouTube  78.57%

TV  14.29%

Other:  7.14%

Results shows that vast majority of my TA are using YouTube for music videos consumption. It makes YouTube very good place for promoting and advertising  my album and band. Also these results shows that television becomes less and less popular among my target audience and TV advertising won’t be as successful and useful as internet one. All of that is due convenience of internet, people can chose what and when they want to watch and without having that many ads.

Which music channels do you watch?

MTV  41.18%

4 music  23.53%

Viva  17.65%

Other:  11.76%

NME  6%

As I found out, majority of my target audience uses YouTube for watching music videos. It means that advertising of my album on television won’t be successful, as just minority of my target audience watches music videos on television. Now, the best place for advertising is internet, as it is very popular among my target audience. It includes websites like, Youtube and Facebook.

When do you watch TV?

Evening  54.55%

Night  36.36%

Afternoon  9.09%

Morning  0%

More than half of my target audience prefer evenings and it makes this time of the day the best one for advertising my album. However, as I said, there is a question of how useful is television for advertising to my TA, as my target audience these days prefer internet to television.

Do you buy rock and rock related magazines?

No  63.64%

Yes  36.36%

Most part of my target audience don’t buy rock related magazines. It proves that print media is now dying out, as people are not as interested in it as before. In our time people read news and magazines digitally. Also, among my target audience it stopped being as popular as it was before. They prefer spending their time watching films and surfing through the internet. However, I still believe that it remains very important place for promoting and advertising my album.

If yes, which ones?

NME  37.5%

Other:  25%

Mojo  12.5%

Clash  12.5%

Kerrang!  12.5%

Rock Sound  0%

Have you ever bought or research an album by seeing advertising?

Yes  90.91%

No  9.09%

This result shows that advertising can be very helpful in album promotion, therefor it is very important to create informative and eye catching advertising. It shows importance of both print and digital ads.

Do you read reviews?

Yes  54.55%

No  45.45%

More than a half of surveyed people answered that they are reading reviews, it can be one more way to promote my album and band. This marketing won’t be as successful as internet campaigns, but is still a good marketing tool.

Are you usually affected by reviews?

No  54.55%

Yes  45.45%

More than a half of surveyed, answered that they are not effected by reviews. However, as results were almost even, it still suggests that reviwies is a great way to promote artist and album, as for almost half of my target audience they are important.

Are you consumer or prosumer?

Consumer  72.73%

Prosumer  27.27%

Around 30% of my target audience see themselves as prosumers and this number is increasing. It is due growing popularity of the programs and web-sites like Instagram and Facebook. That means that I will be able to use competitions in order to promote my album.

Do you expect rock videos to have both live and narrative parts?

Yes  100%

All the surveyed are willing to have both, narrative and live parts in rock music video. It is quite conventional for rock genre. I am happy with these result, as I was planning my music video to have narrative and live parts. I believe this willing to have both parts in rock music video is due interest of my target audience to musical instruments.

Do you expect to see artist on the front cover of rock album?

Yes  81.82%

No  18.18%

More than 80% of surveyed people are expecting to see an artist on the cover of the album. I have to consider it while making my cover and use less arty ones. However considering the fact that ART was voted as a most popular hobby among my target audience, I am still planning to use quite creative approach to it.

Are you affected by the style of your favorite band/artist?

Yes  60%

No  40%

Mostly my target audience is affected by style of their favorite bands and artist. It shows importance of band branding for my target audience. My target audience like to have similarities to their idols, it is why I have to consider it while planning my music video.

Is it vital to have some extra information like concert dates on the ad?

Yes  63.64%

No  36.36%

Majority voted for having some extra information on ads, as they are interested in visiting festivals and concerts. They will be excited to have an opportunity to see their idols playing live on the stage. Partly as most part of them also plays, or want to play musical instrumens like guitar. It will encourage my target audience to research a little bit more and pass the information to their friends.

Will promotion encourage you to buy a CD?

Yes  63.64%

No  36.36%

More then 60% are influenced by promotion. It shows that it would be good idea to have a promotion for my album, as it will attract more people from my target audience. It is due demographic position of my target audience, as mostly they are students and can’t afford some things. It is why they are so attracted to promotions and sales. However, reminding the fact that their hobbies are things like art and fashion, I will suggest that they won’t be attracted to promotion witch looks cheap.