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AS Media CW Brief

AS G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media


Design your own Brief

1. What genre and sub genre of ‘Music’ will your magazine focus on?

  •   Rock; Indie rock

2. What is the target audience [TA] ‘demographic’;

  •     Age/ gender/ hobbies

Target audience of my music magazine is female between 16 and 25. In this age they want to try something new and different. They are trying to prove to their parents that they are mature now and they can take care about themselves.

In this age they want to be in the middle of every story happening, it     is why parties and clubs are big part of their life. My TA is very sociable. It is why social networks like FACEBOOK, TWITTER or MYCEPACE are very popular between them. They also want to be ahead of everyone it is why they always searching internet and often visiting YOUTUBE to find something new coming up in their world.

  •     Fashion

Fashion always is on the first place for my target audience, because they want to show people their style, creativeness, independency and social status.

Their style is quite different from simple rock fans style. It is more sensitive, colourful and weird. They still have all these jeans and leather jackets, however they mixing them with nice, cute accessorise.

Different colours, a bit baggy t-shirts, accessories these things you could always find in indie fan closed.


  •     Education

They are studying in Six-form or University.

  •     Aspiration

My Target Audience is very creative, it is why most part of Indie Rock fans would like to have a job in media.

  •     TV habits

People from my target audience usually are not big TV fans, because they prefer computers. It is easier to use and in internet they can find all the information they need. Despite this fact they still enjoy watching TV channels like MTV. However their favourite channel probably will be IndieFan. This channel runs in the internet, so people can enjoy watching it whenever and wherever they want.

About this Channel

Independent Television featuring music, movies, news, and culture. This is the indie generation and we will have you sitting center stage! Indie Fan is an internet media network for the indie generation. This is Indie Fan TV where you will find everything from music, movies, news, and culture. We broadcast live shows several times per week featuring DJ’s, live bands, movie screenings, and interviews. During live shows we have several studio members who are part of the chat room so please feel free to join in… Ask questions, send your comments, or just tell us what’s on your mind – we would love for you to be a part of the indie revolution!

Also my target audience will enjoy watching TV shows in which they could find themselves (personality) e.g. Skins, Inbetweeners and Misfits.

  •     Music habits

They enjoy indie rock and sometimes might listen to other subgenres of ROCK. They like finding new bands and visit different indie festivals.


  •     Technology use

IPod, IPhone, MacBook and IPad are most popular technology in my target audience. They are up to date, expensive technology which looks very funky.

  • What examples of existing ‘real’ media texts will you use to analyse i.e.


  • What other magazines are in your genre ?insert image examples

Art Rocker 


  •    What ‘real’ bands/artists could feature in your magazine?

Kooks, Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws, Artic Monkeys


  •     What websites and TV channels would be useful to watch to see what bands are featured, how are they portrayed? – current trends, channel logos and idents/branding

Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, MTV, IndieFan.

  •    What ‘real’ bands/artists will your band be inspired by or compared to.

Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws

3. DETAILED examples of your contents – freebies, promotions, features, stories, interviews, reviews, competitions.

  •     Best indie rock bands of all the time
  •     Interviews
  •     Festivals 2013
  •     Fashion column
  •     Gig guide

4. What is the editorial style of your magazine? ‘Tone and register’.

I want my magazine to communicate with my TA and be easy to understand, it is why I decided to use casual language with slang.

This magazine is for entertainment its why there won`t be any complicated words and themes.

5. Ideas for style of band photography and overall graphic/compositional design [locations, props, representation of band – why?] REMEMBER x2 different artists or bands!!


Guitars, fags. Field, walls, streets.

6. Give some example names of your Magazine and the 2 different bands/artists that suit your chosen genre – why

  •   Examples of magazine name

F.A.G.G. – Fun, alternative gig guide


  • Examples of bands and artists



7. Create a mission statement: statement of design and editorial intent –

‘I intend to produce a magazine that inspires the reader to try creative side of them’