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Kit & Props & Costume & location list

 Kit & Props & Costume & location list:

For the cover

  • Technical Kit 

For the cover’s technical kit I will need good quality camera and lights. My aim is to make good, studio-like pictures. This picture has to be the best as it is cover page and people usually choosing magazines by looking at the picture.

  • Props

I don’t think that I will need any props as I want to make mid-shot of the girl and there will be no place for any props. However I might use glasses. As it is indie rock magazine it might looks good.

  • Costume

It is not a pop magazine, it is why my model does not need to wear something that stands out. She might wear simple, everyday clothes and it will match my genre.

However I think that I will put a lot of make-up on my model as it will make her look different.

  • Locations

For my location I will need to have a good lightening and one coloured walls. It might be outside or inside.

It will help my photo to look more studio-like.

Examples: imagesCAY1ZO8A  large_640x_8a54946826caeee0236fae9440998548722b2513_page0001  iumncp7ueoxhihme

For the contents page

  • Technical Kit

For this picture I will need life atmosphere, I don’t want my model to posing in the studio for this picture, it is why I won’t need any special lights, but I will need to have good camera as it will help me to make picture with better quality and it will reduce my time spend on Photoshop.

  • Props

For my props I will need anything that suggests relaxation and free time spending. It might be a book, cup of tea or cigarette.

  • Costume

My model on this picture has to look free, natural and wild. Probably she will be wearing a dress. My model has to look like she is having a good time, and then readers also will feel like that. This picture doesn’t require any special make-up.

  • Location

Some kind of café will be a perfect place for this particular photo, because it represents correct atmosphere and feelings. This picture doesn’t need to be a studio one. It has to show to my readers that popular singers from my magazine are real people, which like drink coffee and chatting about their life.

Example: AT_10_Magazine_Summer_Autumn_2012_Cafe_Society_23

For the double page spread

  • Technical Kit

For this picture I have to use good quality camera and special lightening.

It will make this picture studio-like. It is very important for my magazine as I am creating an expensive, monthly magazine. It doesn’t have to looks luxury as my TA is not old enough. However they already have a good taste and they are interested in things like photography.

  • Props

For this photo shot I need to have a guitar, microphone, paper and people. I am planning to make a picture of band performing or reverse on the scene.

  • Costume

This band will wear every day clothes. It has to be rock/indie rock style. It has to look like they are performing, it is why the clothes have to be simple. This band is not a pop, they don’t have to wear meat dress to interest their fans.

  • Location

Preferably, this picture has to be made on the scene. It will make an illusion of performance. It will show they professionalism as a musicians.

Example:   imagesCAG0WGOT